Mar 8, 2008


During my last week of semester break, I went to Alor Star for vacation...I have told you that right?

We actually took Etika night bus on 24/2/2008 11.30pm at Station Jalan Duta. After around 5 hours journey, we arrived at Station Bus Alor Star around 5am in the morning. The moment we arrived at the station, we saw lots of old taxis parking along the roadside. Some of the taximen walked around and kept asking the people in the station whether they need any taxi. For us, we need none of them. We had my mom's friend to fetch us, as she had promised to bring us walk walk in Alor Star, which is the main reason why we were there.

After waiting for almost 30 minutes, at last, she arrived and fetched us to her house and thank goodness, we had a few hours sleep before waking up for breakfast. The first day in Alor Star besides eat, eat, eat, we went to Muzium Padi while the second day was the same as well...besides eat, eat, eat...the day was kind of hectic, for we went for one day trip to Pulau Langkawi...

Talk about Pulau Langkawi, it was, to be frank, quite a boring trip. We rented a car for RM35, Kelisa, pumped RM15 petrol and took a round over Langkawi. We never stop and visit any of the tourism spots which we needed to pay. We just
stopped by outside and snapped about. Well.. pictures, pictures, pictures, what a disappointment!!
All the pictures are gone!! Yaya...gone...what an accident!!

All our effort of travelling in Pulau Langkawi is proved to futile. Travelling expenses (ferry) has already costed RM46 per person, both ways. Together, my mom and I, it was a total of RM92!! It just *POP* and the $$ just gone like that. Now that I see that taking ferry is one of the most time consuming transport. The only one thing which is much compensating is we managed to bought duty free chocolates and wines!! It is far cheaper than what you get outside. My mom spent RM400 just on chocolates and wines. Perhaps you will be wondering how come we can pass the
kastam without any problem...Just to say, we have our own way...Keke...

I met my ex colleague in Pulau Langkawi. He has been there for few years after quitting the job in Selayang. Thanks to him. He was our tour guide for the day itself and he was the one who brought us to buy the cheapest chocolates and wines!! Not to forget he was the cameraman for that day, but AGAIN, all his effort seemed to be worthless now. Shh....don't tell him...

After we came back from Pulau Langkawi, we went out for dinner. Alor Star food is indeed far more better than in KL and the price is really nice - it is so low that you will for sure gain weight here~! RM2 you can have nice , delicious food. Really bravo!! Unlike KL, everything is pricey.. now that you want to eat a bowl of mee also need to cost around RM3.50

We spent 2days in Alor Star, staying at my mom's friend's house. On 26/2/2008, we took Etika night bus 12am and there we went our journey back to KL. On the way back, it was raining, which made me feel quite scared of accidents. You know Buses right...Thank goodness, our journey was a safe one. The moment I was home, I took bathe and slept again...

It is so nice to be home again!!*yawn..sleepy zZz*

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