Mar 4, 2008

Showcase In Muzium Padi

Soon after we finished shooting at the big stretch of drawing, we proceeded to the downstairs showcase and had a look. There are many things being shown at the main entrance level and lower ground level.

At the Main Entrance Level

This one is ukiran timbul asal usul pertanian.

Outside the Muzium Padi, there is an outstanding house. It was raining outside...hehe!!

These are some of the food base on rice.

This is kolaj pertanian pra merdeka, which is pre-independence farm collage.

Here are some of the snacks base on rice too!

Lukisan cat minyak Empangan Pedu or Pedu reservoire oil painting.

Besides food and snacks base on rice, there are even cosmetic base on rice!!

Kedah dalam Sinaran Petang or Kedah Under The Shade of Dusk.

haha...there are even rice kuih here!! some of it I like it so much. Of course , this one in display for sure is artificial ...

At the Lower Ground

Here are some of the tools used in Padi farming.

Of course we have the cow here...This is the traditional way of farming!!

It is as though real one, and for sure not to miss the chance of taking pictures with cow lol..

The pictures are slightly darker due to the light. Can you see my cute little face??

This is the tangkul of which the farmers use it as a fishing tool too.Simply because there are fishes and prawns in the Sawah!!

On the left is taut while on the right is sepilah or sempila.

The biggest in the picture is Kepok. It is used to store paddy that are still attached to its stalk. It is usually placed
beside the storehouse or under the house.

Jelapang. It is a place to store paddy that is already cleaned and dried. Sometimes the planter used jelapang to store harvested stalk of paddy.

Some of the brands of rice.

Pulut Hitam is suitable to cook porridge.

Don't you think both of them look so familiar? cloth, skinny.

Rest room for farmers...

There are so many things in the showcase that we are not able to capture everything. It is worthwhile to pay a visit, since it is RM3. It is not a big problem la...In KL, whenever you go visit a place, sure above RM10. So go for it whenever you pass by Alor Star. You will only go once and no more after that.

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