Mar 13, 2008


Hihi!! Yuppie Yuppie...11th of March, 2008, I went to Jogoya for the very first time to have my lunch.

Jogoya is located in T3, Relish Floor, Starhill Gallery, 181, Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL.

The floor is named so elegantly simply because the place where it is located is high class. Jogoya, the word itself too shows that only high class people can go for it. So does it really mean I am high class??

This Japanese Restaurant has no Big board stating "JOGOYA", which makes it barely noticeable for first time comer, like me!! However, we, my dear and I, managed to find it...

Here, You need to pay first before you eat, unlike other restaurants, which usually have the opposite practice.
It costs 78++ for each person who go in for early lunch. SO, 2 times 78 = 156, plus 10% service charge and 5% tax, it formed a grand total of RM179.40. Well...this time it was my treat for my dear, so I paid for it instead of him.

Once you entered the restaurant, there are three fish which are so huge, swimming serenely, watching those high class people who comes in...(Le...)

The place is magnificent enough, as it has many corners for different types of food that you only can eat it separately at different eateries. Just to name a few, Jogoya has baskin robbins, haagen daaz. Whoa!! It simply turns into some kind of ala-carte restaurant.

There are raw foods corner, hot soup corner, grill corner, dessert & beverages corner, Italian corner, fried food corner etc. This is the hot soup corner ^^

We tried on most of the food, but then it was definitely unable to cover the total expenses which I have spent on it, as what I have expected though.

Well...I tried some of the raw food, such as raw marinated fish meat, oysters, which personally I do detest of trying it. However, it JUst so happen I was there in Jogoya, and I definitely will try on everything ( if only my stomach can fill all...) After trying, I really cannot stand the smell and taste of it, and I surrender!! Just let my dear finish it for me...wakaka!!

Here are some sushi that we ate. We are not greedy though...See!! only one piece for two persons...(Actually, we wanted to try everything but did not want to end up getting fatter.)

Nah...this one is one of the hot soup set that we ordered from the hot soup corner. There are different types of soup that are available, such as miso soup, chicken soup, xl sauce soup, tomyam soup, curry. It is like steamboat that you can eat at normal steamboat restaurant, just that the soup, because you cannot find elsewhere. We tried xl soup, and we found that is not too bad!! Worth trying anyway.

These are from Italian corner...The baked cheese Snails, follows by baked cheese tomatoes, and puffed seafood soup...

I don't really like this...

Taste is not as good as what I have expected.

Nevertheless a tasty, creamy seafood soup...hehe~!!

These are the skewers we have got it from the grill corner.

It is not bad anyway, just that we were too full to fill in these anymore...

Last but not least, my favourite corner, the dessert & beverage corner.

Don't you think it looks yummy?? favourite chocolate!! This is the chocolate mousse cake!!

This is Tiramisu...Yum Yum!!

Hehe...ladies and gentlemen, what do you think is this? Black Pearl?? In Pirates??haha,definitely not!
This is the cutest Guai Lin Kou I have seen and tried. It is slightly bitter but not as bitter as the one selling in Gon Wo Tong, and some honey topping or sugar essence. It definitely taste GOOD!!

Tata...the end.

By the time we went back to college, we were probably dead because of too full and one more thing, we missed out lecture!! was intended to. Don't tell Mr Lok...Wakaka....

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