Mar 6, 2008

I wanna Cry!!

It has been a week after new semester starts.

This semester we have two subjects, which are Company Law and Fundamentals of Finance.

Previously we had Ms Pari to teach us Business Law but NOT THIS SEMESTER !!
What's more that we have harder law paper this semester...

Haiz...This semester Ms Pari has chosen, as what i think, to teach Group A but not Group B.
Instead we have another lecturer [ i intentionally omit the mention of the name..but whoever in DAC2B will know]...Wuuwuu...why why why!!

The way the new lecturer teaches not really the good way. Explaination is good enough, but on the clarity and organization of the lecture is really need to be improved. It makes me curious of whether the lecturer did teach everything we need to know.

As for tutorials, too bad, My tutorial group has the lecturer as tutor. Haiz....the tutor keeps repeating everything that he or she has mentioned in the lectures. In the end of the tutorial, everyone, I bet it is, is totally blur of what to be presented as answer when we really sit for the paper itself. Even when I posted a question to the tutor, still, still , still, he or she does not give me the answers I wanted to hear. [Sob~~]

HOw bad the situation is, don't you know??
Is it possibly means that we are going to have marvellous failure rate?

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