Mar 19, 2008

How Emotions Can be Distorted...

Huh? Please don't hit me bally...

Oh Oh!!Please help me!! I need to save it!! definitely smells bad...Yucky#&%

Black dog: Fuyoh!! Let's Fly...
Brown Dog: Don't you think we are like Superman??

Black Dog: Don't come near me!! I will Bite you...
Another dog: LeleLe...who cares?

Guy in Circle: OooOOO..don't hit me!!

brrrr....Frrrr...Grrrr...See their faces? Ain't they funny?

* These pictures were taken from email.


  1. ricardo12:05 PM

    great pictures to funny

  2. hope you enjoy it!!

  3. Wah,i like this picture a lot,feel relax and happy everytime visited your blog,hope u write more!!

  4. haha..that's good!!hope to see more in your blog


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