Mar 28, 2008

Happy Moments

Actually how do we define happy?
My definition is whenever we feel enjoy and put all our worries to nowhere.

My happy moments:

1# with my family

I wish to have a vacation like few days stay overnight at a resort and care no more for how much we will be spending and enjoy whatever we feel like doing together, such as having our precious moments at beaches or having sauna or spa together. I want to have moments of relaxation with my family so much as it seems to be unachievable until someday I have the ability to earn so much money to spend them all for vacation, which I believe I will.. Just wait for me, my dear family members. I really want to have some memorable moments with you all. I know nobody will love and care me more than you do.

2# with my friends

I feel kind of guilty for not able to spare my time for them. I do like the days when we used to hang out together. I treasured them. In this coming vacation, I hope to spend my trip with them. Don't forget me if I do abandon them sometimes. Excuse me for my absence in these semesters. I hope to chit chat around with my friends, care less whatever others will look at us, shoot pictures around...(to get as many candid shoots as possible, which are priceless), share our junks together, spend restless nights with them and talk about everything, e.g. future, privacy, etc. I wish I can have someone amongst them whom understand me. We cannot live without friends!!

3# with my dearest

Although most of my time is spent on him alone, I do wish he knows. Does he? I know he wishes to have our very own couple trip, bringing no one along. But, this time I will spare him and go for my friends. Hope he does not mind. There must be a chance anyway. I love to stick with him although sometimes it seemed so much that he sticks to me instead. Thanks, my dear!! A big huggie for my dear....and a big smack..Muacks!!

Let's stay HAPPY!!

1 comment:

  1. le... i noe de... yalo.. so wish u go trip with me... to be honest, really abit dissapointed lo dear... bt nevermind la.. u happy jau can le... bt hw u compensate me 1st? lol... i love u! muacksss

    big sweet heart for u... blek


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