Mar 12, 2008

A friend's Wedding

9th of March 2008

It was my former classmate's wedding, the bride. The date has been postponed due to the election, which had been so coincidentally fell on 8th of March 2008.

Well..the very morning I woke up at 6.30 and got myself dressed up and filled up before I headed to her house, which is located near FRIM, Kepong. Since it was the first time I went to her house, so as expected, I got myself lost again...Haha...It is so naturally that everytime I go to a new place, surely I will get lost somehow..Never mind though so long as I have friends to bring me out of the maze...Thanks very much, Chloe & Shee Ling!!

Supposedly the bridegroom was expected to reach by 8.15am, but ended up around 9.30. *Sweat badly* Made me woke up so early pulak... The moment I reached her house, I saw lots of old friends from St Mary girl school..Guess what? They were all dressed in white...but..but...but...only Me was the one who wore black...*Sweat Non-stop this time* Not my fault for not following the dress code, in fact, no one, I need to stress again, No one was informing me anyway! Here, I would like to apologize to Chee Siong for not wearing white...*sob*

When the bridegroom arrived with his Heng Dai, we, as Ji Mui, of course, would be asking for Ang Pao money...So stingy la him...only gave us 20000rupiah and other small change, which only around RM30 and expected us to open the door..not so fast lad...then we resorted to other options. We asked for credit cards, watches, handphones, and even car keys....but in the end, we also returned it to those Heng Dai...just play play though. In the process of negotiation, they even tried hard to bump in...Pity us lass...they are all lad...sure stronger than us la...After few minutes of struggle, maybe they soften a bit. So, we managed to keep the door safe.

Negotiation was always successful nevertheless. What followed was Q&A session. It was not fun though. We couldn't even play the bridegroom.

Next, we followed to the bridegroom house. It is decorated so nicely that undoubtly the bridegroom family is so rich. Just half an hour we stayed at the bridegroom house, which is located in Sri Damansara. Then, in a rush, we headed to Goldhill, Kepong. The dinner, or perhaps, it should be named something else since it was in the afternoon, was held in Emperor Restaurant. Honestly, this was the very first time that I was having wedding dinner in the afternoon!!

As usual, the guests were always late. Pity us, whom had reached stomach kept the meanwhile, we took some pictures with old schoolmates. In fact, it was somehow another gathering for all ex-st. marians.

This beautiful lady beside me is Chloe!!

This is the happy little couple who had their most precious moment in life. Chee Sion & her hubby, Jonathan.

Of course, we could not miss out the chance to take pictures with today's la my eyes were closed)

Here is the better one. From the right, Pei Si, Shee Ling, Chee Siong, Chloe & lastly me again!!wakaka...

Danielle was so busy but still able to look into the camera though...together in the picture are Beh, Oops...who are the rest of two?? (Paiseh...forgot le...)

This is the only group photo I have.Well...from the left last row, Sarah, Sook Wan, Siew Mee, the couple, Michelle, Stacie, Wei Vien,Shin Yiing & Beh. The middle row from left, Vila, Eilyn, Shee Ling, Shuk Ling, err, err...again..forgot who are they...Sorry!!

The dinner was served rather late around 1.30pm. By the time we finished all the dishes, the clock struck 4pm. Then, it was the time that I left and said Bye Bye to the bride & bridegroom. Earnestly Wish both of you live happily ever after!!

The post ends here...My stomach is rumbling again...better go fill it up!!wakaka...

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