Mar 20, 2008

Cool Wallpapers4Handphones!!

Sometimes do you think that you need some nice pictures to pimp up your mobile phones? are some which I personally fond of it so much...

The famous CJ7...don't you think it is far more adorable than the pirated soft toys of CJ7 available in market? I simply detest the soft toy CJ7. Simply so faked.

Peony...Nice pinkish...

Maple...It is autumn time again...But for Malaysia, everyday is summer!! Don't you wish you have the chance of living in 4 seasons countries?

Nice Leaf Curl, which i think it is artistic masterpiece. Thanks to the photographer for taking it!! I simply like it.

Dew of the morning..The effect brings out the thematic dew...Another masterpiece to me...

Dandelion...This brings you a closer picture to this tiny flying seed^^

Daisies...Again the effect is so cool but only the professional cameras can do this..right?

Lady bird...Isn't it cute?

Another nature-friendly picture which I like it so much...Good for eye too!!

Aurora...Hard to see it in your life time. It needs the right timing and right location. Perhaps only in the space you can see this special shades of aurora...

* The pictures were taken from sony ericson handphone.

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