Feb 29, 2008

Muzium Padi, Alor Star

My holiday was nonetheless another time-wasting period. For the month itself, I did nothing much rather than playing ps2, helping mom doing some tiny house chores, which she thinks that's too insufficient ( I simply don't understand why girls must do all the housework?),working on weekends (as I always do), and .... (erm..maybe that's all.

Coincidentally, my mom managed to get a week off for quitting the old job, after deducting her annual leaves. Congratulation to my mom!! At last, she managed to draw herself from the bitchy boss.
So basically now, my mom and I were having one week more before my last semester starts, and for her, before she starts working on 1st of March , 2008.

Thanks to my mom for bringing me out for vacation, although it was kind of short, for it was only 2 days and one night, it is quite ample to go alor star.

The famous tourism spots are Muzium Padi and Alor Star Tower. I went to the first but not the latter, for the reasons that we had no more time for it, we need money, and it is more or less like KL tower. Considering I actually went to Muzium Padi, it certainly did the satisfaction of viewing the Alor Star on bird view.

Muzium Padi is a good spot to have a picture of how exactly Alor Star looks like. The drawing in the museum is amazing for it realness, but the effect will tend to wear off as you started to look into it for 15minutes, perhaps?
At the first look, you will say "Whoa!!This is as real as it is." but soon after you see all the details of the drawing itself, maybe you will tend to get bored.

Muzium Padi serves a platform for the visitors to have their pleasure of looking at their one and only one long stretch of Alor Star geography and customs that the locals preserve, by preparing comfortable seats for visitors, while the platform will start to spin by itself. The ticket is quite economic. Guess what? It's only RM3, but one thing that I must mention here, YOU CAN'T TAKE PICTURE!!However, once you paid them another RM2 extra, you will have the courtesy to take whatever you want. The RM2not only covers the shooting at the drawing, it covers the lower areas of showroom too. So it is quite worthwhile. If you are so miser not to pay that RM2, I bet you will simply go home with nothingness. There is no something that you can share with others.

Here, I have few shoots of the stretch of drawing.
Take Your Time and Enjoy, and Pay NOthing!!

Here is the market that the Malays and locals frequent to...If you want a closer look, this will do.

There are many banana trees round.

Trading of rice can be seen here, as Kedah is the place which produces our rice. Follows by a closer look.

You can see the traditional atap house that the locals live into and there is rainbow too!!

The ladies farmers are doing their routine take care of the growing padi in sawah.

Not forgetting to take one picture of me there and also my accompany!!

Another market, perhaps.

Farmers are working in their sawah.

There is a procession heading to the house, which holds marriage dinner.

There are more pictures in the showroom, wait for my Next post!!

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