Feb 10, 2008

It is CNY time again!!

Happy Hippy Hoppy Chinese New Year to everybody!!

This year is the year of Ratty...it reminds me of the Ratatouille...the movie starring by an animated mouse, which craves for the best cheese ever and willing to give all out to have a bite on it..

A brand new year means a year older to me...Sad...now i am 20.
How fast it has been...now it is my second year second semester break...
still got the one last and final semester to go, and THEN i will be graduated as a diploma holder for Business Studies ( Accounting )
Basically i will have almost one month holiday before the start of the final semester..I wonder how it will be like...easier to be?or harder as it seems?

I know i have two more subjects to go..Company Law ( which is the toughest subject as commented by Ms Pari, our former Business Law lecturer and tutor) and another yet-to-be-known subject.

Ms Pari has been the best teacher that i personally like. The way she taught, and her way of answering questions, which are undeniably helping me, and perhaps the rest of you, in the previous Business Law paper. She makes me believe in one thing - repetition makes perfect. That is exactly how she manages to remember the cases, acts etc etc...i really impressed and somehow salute her...last but not least, thanks for her guidance.

I really hope that she can teach us COmpany Law. HOwever, considering the possibility of it, i only dare to say 50:50. For what we, as DAC2B have presented ourselves in Business Law lectures, maybe she is feeling so fed up to teach us anymore as we, surely not me, seemed to be not appreciative to what she has done for us in previous semester. I Really feel helpless if that is her impression on us.

Whatever it is, i hope everything will be going very well in this brand new 2008.
To conclude this post, i wish everybody enjoy this festive days of fifteen.
Gong Xi Fa Cai...

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