Feb 5, 2008

How English is Misused?

Do you ever felt amusing by looking at those misused english or so-called Engrish?
well...i have some here for your laugh of the day!!

As you can see the watermark in the pictures, there are from the website, called www.engrish.com

If someday the promoters come and touch you...you should have known why and still another WHY...
Basically you can't sue them, because you are warned!!:p

Take a look, is it a washroom for gents or for ladies? HOw Contradictory the tag is!!
If you don't know chinese, please ask for assistance..or else i am afraid someone will be surprised to see you go in and give you a big nice slap on your face...

how can a hand basically grow in a fence? Aren't fences dead?

Erm...may i ask is this lobster fresh or dead?

i am chewing gum, and why on earth you ask me not to chew it?

How nice of you if you are the owner of the dog...

Hey look!! Suspicious supermarket...don't go in or else you will be charged for looking suspicious!

Since it is safe, why should we beware?

wakaka...if i throw my delicious food it should not be dirty...then OK
if i spit it should be OK too...cause i didn't shit!!

Wondering if the website is genuine, i have a look at it...
Indeed, there is the website, full with funny engrish pictures for your laugh!!

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