Feb 13, 2008

CJ7 Versus KFD

Have you ever heard of these? I bet you do. If you don't, it is sad that I would say: " Blimey!! How could you know none of these? These are the hottest movie in town, and in Malaysia..."

I have watched both of them. So what may probably revolving in your mind is, which one is the best of all.

Well…personally I like KFD more than CJ7. For fear that you may not know what does KFD stand for, it is Kung Fu Dunk.

The well-known comedian, Stephen Chow, directs CJ7 while the newly burgeoned director, Jay Chou, directs KFD.

The story of CJ7 revolves around the UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects), which has been coincidentally rummaged out of the garbage dump by Stephen Chow (father) and being presented to his son as a toy.

The son and father live in a vacant demolished building. The father works in building site. Even though they are poor, the father persists to end his son to renowned school. The foods they eat, the things they wear and use, are all rummaged from the garbage dump. The son has always hoped to have a toy by himself but due to their living condition, the father definitely helpless in satisfying his son’s longing. The discovery of the greenish has really enlighten the son’s life.

At first CJ7 is inhabited in the greenish ball but the son has accidentally activated the ball and it turns out to be the adorable cutie CJ7, as the son named it so. CJ7 has Full elasticity, and equipped with the amazing power of reviving both dead and living things, which remained unknown to both the father and son.

An accident that has happened on the father has brought his life to an end. This part is the most heartbreaking part, with full sorrow and calamity. The son is unable to accept the fact that his father is dead. Miraculously, his father indeed revived and comes to life because CJ7 insists to use all his power to revive him, albeit it will die due to running out of power. In the end, CJ7 turns into a real toy, lifeless.

If you want me to rate it, I would say 5over 10. Perhaps Stephen Chow has been too old for new ideas, and this movie turns out to be lack dramatic. Overall the flow is so inane, that you will be surprised after you see the movie ends like this. Well…my first impression is : “ is that all?”

Next, KFD is more appealing to me. The story commences with Jay Chou as a baby, who has been dumped in a deserted mowing machine, as what I presumed. He is being brought up in a Kung Fu academy. Thus, he is taught with Kung Fu. He fortuitously bumped into Eric Tsang and he decides to exploit him as Jay can shoot into a target without mistake.

Brawl ensues of which Jay is expelled by the Kung Fu academy due to his mischief. Eric is clever
enough to avail himself some fortune by exploiting Jay to play basketball, in tandem to find Jay’s parents whom has abandoned him long time ago.

Soon Jay has become renowned of shooting with great precision. Conflict of interest arises as gangsters blackmail Eric to sell Jay to them. The most eye-catchy and breathtaking part is the basketball matches. Initially Jay’s team lose because another team use hoaxes. At the critical moment, he reminds of the Kung Fu that his deceased Sifu has taught him while he is still young. He managed to utilize it to rewind the time and in the end, he has succeeded to make his team win with dignity.

After winning the match, Jay’s father comes to him to ask him to take over his worldwide companies’ business. Again, conflict sets in. Alas, Jay is willing to let go of fame, and wealth and be acquaintance with Eric again.

The moral of this movie is remember those who has helped you in the past, or the Chinese says, ying shui shi yuan. I would heartily rate this movie as 9 over 10.

This movie not only injected the elements of action, it also brought in some comedy features to make this movie thrilling and witty.Perhaps Stephen Chow is far too arrogant or overconfident to say he would win Jay's movie and has care less for his quality of movie...Again, we should learn to be humble.

For those who have not watched KFD and CJ7 and are hesitating which one you should watch, you should go for KFD first.

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