Feb 15, 2008

Bai Ti Gong

Testing testing 1 2 3...
Halo, everybody! Good evening...the one who is speaking here is Hitomi...
15 days of Chinese New Year has been so short, it seemed. Now, today, is ninth day itself.

Wa si hok kien lang...are you??
So definitely, today itself is a significant day to all Hokkien, even others who are not hokkien know this very well too.

The tradition of Bai Ti Gong itself has a story of origin.
The story took place in China. During the Second World War, Japan invaded China and brutally killed any Chinese that they came across. This had caused a massive trauma to all the people in China. Some of the villagers were resolute enough that they themselves should save their own lifes. Thus, they decided to take refugee in the Sugarcane farm nearby, even though it was chinese new year. They stayed and survived in the sugarcane farm until the Japanese army left after scrutinizing the area. The villagers were glad that they actually survived from the ill fate and it was because of the Ti Gong (heavenly God) that granted them lives and prosperity. So until now the tradition continues...every ninth day of Chinese New Year, hokkiens will serve Ti Gong with food and always-the-not-forgettable sugarcane that actually played significant role in helping them to escape.

As i told you, i am hokkien. So definitely my family will show your gratitude to Ti Gong too.
on the Eighth day of Chinese New Year, my mom took a day leave and stayed home to prepare all the necessary things as a tribute to Ti Gong.Before the clock struck 12, we set up the tables and everything was well prepared and displayed. The only moment that we waited was when the clock struck 12, as it means the start of ninth day itself. We started to pray and burn the Kim Chua ( MOney Paper which is nicely folded into various kind of shapes; my dad had them nicely folded into the shape of Yuan Bao; blek...i also know how to do!). The ceremony was done after all of the praying and burning. Many families also grabbed this day itself to play fire crackers and fireworks...I always wonder how much does the firework cost..how come they all so rich to buy?? Never mind now... as long as i have free show to see...keke!!

what follows, of course, is the moment of tidying all the things, cleaning floors etc. After everything is done, at last, i can have a good night sleep! haha... Good night then... (errr... shouldn't i say good morning?since it is 2am...)

Hope this year is a good year with prosperity, and luck.

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