Feb 17, 2008

Ang Pao Mari Mari!!

hehe...chinese new year right? so i suppose everybody will be expecting of getting some big big ang pao from relatives lol..(of course the big refers to monetary term)

excluding those who has married and forced to give ang pao...(a)some are reluctantly but just for the sake of tradition, they abide...(b)some are willingly..but considering the ratio of a:b..how much you think it will be? i will rate it 9.5:0.5.wakaka!!

how much you have been getting anyway? are you satisfied with your fortune this ratty year?

hoho....you may choose not to respond to the first question, but not the second one. Pity me...i only getting around 400 bucks this year. Whether it is satisfying or not, i will say it is satisfying. We can't be too greedy over this right? However, the more you get it is your luck la...but remember one thing o! the ang pao is an exchange between your parents with your relatives. Frankly speaking, it is your parents' money that flows into your pocket!

50 bucks to me is a big ang pao and i am getting few of it.
Parents' ang pao maybe your biggest after all.

yesterday when i went to work, i managed to get ang pao from the boss. Yeah!! so thank you! Not forgetting i have another one from my student's mom!! It simply made up my day! although yesterday i was being "fong fei gei" by my three students...It is not too bad after all!

Unlike today, again i work but another place. I have none. Some more one of my students quit. Fine to me because i will be quitting next month too.Forget about sad stuff, today my mom's friend, unexpectedly, gave us a 5o bucks ang pao!! my mom simply so shocked! she claimed that she only gave her 5bucks...haha...50 minus a zero...

Chinese New Year has four more days more.
hope i managed to go visit some of my friend's house and collect more ang pao!!
Work harder o!! (of course collecting ang pao la~)

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