Jan 4, 2008

Things Done in Dec 2007

Last month of 2007 - December

It has been the month that i have most activities, what i mean are family gatherings.
My eldest cousin would be leaving malaysia and working abroad in China...
So that explains the reason why...

8 December 2007

We went to dine with my another cousin, whom has married and has a daughter and a baby yet to be delivered.

See his daughter...i call her siao po...

We went to somewhere in Damansara..a shopping complex which i have never been there before. NOt until that day itself.

Dined in Marco's... had lots of different Italian delicacies...which includes pizzas..macaroni etc etc..which i, myself do not even know what is it...but still, i ate it...Blek~~

After dining, went to have dessert at Bakerzin...Since it is the month of xmas...
They have a small xmas tree there...

There are some in the mall too...like these

This is for sale

Under this xmas tree, there is a railway for a toy train, fetching all the coins that people throw them in. Of course, you can see siao po there...wakaka!!
20 December 2007
It so happens that this day fell on a public holiday.
An old schoolmate of mine, whom we had been in same primary and secondary schools, had a xmas party at her house.
She is a catholic. She called some of the old friends to join. So do i. Met some of them and we had great time chatting there.. and of course camera-ing.
Too bad i dont have the pictures with me...
22 December 2007
Another gathering at one of my eldest cousin mother in law house.
She invited us over to have a dinner.
She lives in Cheras, Tmn Connaught.
Freaking far man!!
There we went...and captured this on the way.

Siao Po and me...
So many gatherings that i always been fully fed...
So afraid that i will have to put on few kilo when i went home...
24 December 2007
It was a monday. My cousin promised me to buy me my prom dress.
So we agreed to meet up in Times Square after my class at 3pm
That day had been such a mess.
Well..i was so dumb that i can be lost while i was on my way to Times.
Why!!! So frustration...nearly cried out deep in my heart...
HOwever, thank godness i managed to reach it at last!! AT LAST!!
Another xmas tree...a big big one!! In the main entrance of Times..
By the time i was there, there were crowds busy shooting pictures with the gigantic tree...
and also a SAnta!! BUt i didn't walk near them...le...

She fetched me to Nichii Fashion City, which is located in Sungai Besi, which i don't know how to go...(So dumb dumb la me)
Bought my prom dress...Promise will show you in my next post.
Then, we went to Korean village.
Dined in one of the Korean restaurant, namely Han Woo Ri
Tried out varieties of dishes which were so fresh to me...
Well...personally not really fond of them. But out of curiosity, i ate everything. It costed RM50 per person.
By the time i went home. it nearly struck 12am. So happened it was xmas eve!!
roads block by crowds along them...Thanks to her escorting me through another way home..Safely and smooth.

Just two shots being done. Feel uneasy to shoot pictures while people wanted to start feasting. Sorry ya!!
Cutlery with a sense of artistry
30 December 2007
Wakaka...One day before new year eve..
Another family gathering with my cousin...
I have three cousins, all married.
He wanted to bring us to a indian restaurant.
So, we went. It was located in Manjalara, kepong.
First time ever eat indian food with such formality.
i mean banana leaves, indian sauces, rice, other curries etc etc.
everything is Indian style...
So damn full le...even though i only ordered a pax fro myself.
Thus, we decided to have a walk at desa parkcity's lake.
Shoot some pictures...not that clear at night...

The lake is so big that we almost walked for an hour, not to mention we took shortcuts...wakaka...

New year eve that celebrative night itself, i stayed at home. decided to have a good night sleep before everybody was busy celebrating.
The very next day i woke up, it was HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 1 January 2008!!

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