Jan 9, 2008

SBS Nite 2007

Welcome to the entrance of the SBS Night 2007...

The night was definitely a night to be memorable...
nOt only the accompanies, i did manage to enjoy myself during the dance floor time...not to mention i have been sweating for the whole afternoon and evening.

Wondering do i put off some weight?
Ermm...this one i am not sure. I dont even have the time to weigh myself.

This was the main stage...in the process of being decorated. It looked simple, but it took a lot of effort nevertheless. The Deco Department has done the utmost best to complete the task in limited time. good Job to them!!

Honestly,The flow of the event was too fast than what we have expected. Mostly it was attributable to the lack of rehearsal, or should i mention we had none?

I didn't know what was happening during the event, for i have been too busy for my preparation of souvenirs, in addition to the rushing flow.

Actually i was kind of disappointed with the attendance of the lecturers and the officials, for i have been busy preparing their souvenirs but ended up they never appear in the event. So sad...
Wasted all my effort...

The Prom elements were added in the event. Dance floor, election of Prom King and Queen.
To me, the best part of the night itself was the dance floor time!! I was totally immensed in the clubbing atmosphere.

And now...take a look at the contestants on the stage...we had three pairs of them. Then , we came up with Prom King and Queen.

The Prom King is the one with white shirt and black kot, 5th from the left while the Prom Queen is the girl in white, 2nd from the left.

For some reasons, i personally like the Prom Queen. She has been one of the winners in Orientation Odyssey 2007 last year.

Well well...up next...uncovering the committees and also SWC members.
#1 Mr Alan Chong and Ms Christina [Programme Master & Asst Programme Master]

Alan looked so miang le...haha.. [ did you notice another girl behind? haha..she's kimberley, whom was the TT contestant 2007 for group singing. She was the usherer for the night. For your information, she is one of SWC members.]
#2 Ms Kitty & Ms Diana (left to right)
[ Kitty is freelancer of SWC while Diana is the business director. Thanks to her because she was the one who has done alot to help me find sponsors...]

#3 Mr Leslie & Ms Shane [ Assistant Multimedia Director & Door Gift and Souvernir Director ]

If you couldn't tell who is she in the pictures, then you are so poor le. Tha's me le...

#4 Mr Contestant No1 & Ms Amanda [ Amanda's Boyfriend & her...sweet or not? She was the Emcee for the night ]

#5 Ms Thivya & Mr Leslie & Ms Josephin [ Thivya was an assistant of Invitation Card & Certificate Director while Josephin was one of the assistant programme coordinator ]

#6 Mr Leslie & Ms Nandy

#7 Mr Simon a.k.a Mr Salmon & Ms Josephin [ Assistant Finalist Coordinator & Assistant Programme Coordinator - Whao...so match man!! even the smiles also match. ]

OoO...what's so shining??

#8 Mr Mike & Ms Kitty & Mr Leslie

wei...wei.. where you all looked at??

#9 Mr Leslie & Mr Luke

Luke was one of the top management of 2006/2007. Ain't he looks like JJ Lim? Just a bit fatter right? I still remembered the first few semesters before i really know him in person, i used to say about him and JJ likeliness with my friends.

#10 Ms Michelle & Mr Leslie [ Programme Designer & Assistant Multimedia Director ]

Why is he always in pictures?? haha..because the camera is his....

#11 Ms Mey Yee & Mr Albert [ Decoration Director & Assistant Security Director ]

Thanks to her...she managed to get all the deco done! In case you dont know, the guy here is School Representative @ Chairperson of SWC SBS 2007/2008. Tiny but witty!

#12 Mr Jia Zhi, Ms Kim Yen, Mr Albert, Mr Nicholas, Ms Eunice, Ms Chen Lee ( Left for behind)
Ms Justina, Ms Kah Ang (Left for front)

Jia Zhi, Albert & Nicholas from Security Department, Kah Ang and Justina from Editorial Department, Eunice and Chen Lee from Invitation card & Certificate Department, Kim Yen from Decoration Department.

#13 Mr Nicholas, Mr Albert & Mr Nazrin [ Security Department]

Fuyoh!! Looked so fierce man...Being a security must be TOUGH!!

#14 Mr Jun Hong & Mr Cyrus [ Assistant Stage Coordinator & Assistant Finalist Coordinator ]

Chun huh??wakaka...i liked the effect. Besides that both guys are not bad too right?
Here are some of the sponsors for our night...

Bliss Nail - thanks to them...I have my nails fully polished!!
In a nutshell...this event is worse than our expectation but we had our times too...Good JOb to all of SWC SBS members!!
Hope it is better this year 2008.

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