Jan 9, 2008

OlimPik 2008

Olimpik is here!!
It will be happening at Beijing, China at 8th of August to 24th of August 2008.

Let me introduce the mascots for Olimpik 2008

The mascots are named as Fuwa(福娃).
Beibei is a fishi, Jingjing is a huge panda, Huanhuan is fire, Yingying is antelop Tibet and Nini is a bird.
Together, five of them form the word: Welcome to Beijing.
Thanks to my cousin who works at Beijing, as she bought me a mascot key chain. See>>>

NOw it is my key chain for my car key...haha!!No more hello kitty.
Besides that key chain,. my cousin bought a Olimpik T-shirt for my brother too...
Front view

Back view
The quality of the T shirt is as bad as the RM10 t shirt bought in night market...
Disappointed lol...
If it is not because it is memorable, i bet i will never buy it...
Anyway, i would like to say a big thank to my cousin!!

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