Jan 26, 2008

Absolute devastation

Could it have been such a coincidence that everything seems to turn down all at once??
It is,perhaps i should say, it was, indeed, something so deadly out of expectation...

Not long ago my PC was being vanquished by viruses,
and NOW, my hard disk somehow claimed to be certified.

Why did everything surrender at that particular moment i want them to be with me??
While i am having my second year second semester final??

You knew i would need it...but why? Haiz....simply such a lifeless object that have no senses of sympathy and merely stupendity.

HoPe that with a brand new life that have took place of this PC, my aged PC could have survived in the near few years...

Sorry for everyone who has expected something from me, in this particular moment and particular websites.
Sorry to disappoint anyone of you...

I could not help to the situation...I have to... Sorry...

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