Dec 23, 2007


Without self realisation,

it has been such a long time that i have not really sit down in front of my desktop and spend my own sweet time to blog, careless for the BUsines Law Tutorials Answers...

SBS PROM NIGHT 2007 will be going soon...on 27th of December 2007

There had been lots of preparation going on...
Since a month before, our effort in searching potential sponsors have been rigorously carried out.
Though there are much influential that i have somehow lost my own mood and energy for a particular week, which i had not appeared for the booth promotions...
Soorrry to all my Xtreme family!!

However, i am glad that my department can at least managed to prove that we can do something on our own.

Two weeks before 27th of December, Me myself, as a "Door Gift and Souvenir Director" along with my " Assistant Door Gift and Souvenir Director" Hui Xing have been boosted up our courage and walked into every shop in Genting Klang to ask for sponsor.

HOnestly, i am not that good in sponsorship. Previously, the fund raising's sponsorship was done by both Diana and Alan.

Our first attempt was on wednesday 12th of December 2007, if i am not mistaken.
How lucky we were, which the day itself, the whole GK was experiencing total Electricity black out. Many shops were not open for business. Few shops opened were not welcoming.

As you can guess, the outcome was a total bravo "0". (can it be eaten?)

Our second attempt was much much better.
Our first approach granted us a good response. Thank goodness...It actually boosted our confidence that urged us to work harder next...The outcome for the day was much satisfying.

Simply can't help but feel proud for what our department has contributed to, even though, Alan and Diana are indeed a good helper in this kind of things. Now that my door gift looks much interesting and not just whole bags of recycle papers anymore.

What to be worried now is the souvenir. Besides preparing the souvenirs for officials and head of school, now we have to prepare more for the coming sponsors on that day.

For the co-sponsors and officials, we have wine glass fully furnished and glittered. On that night itself, we would light up the scented candle in the glass. Hope that the effect is good enough and the glass would not break up due to the heat.

As for the Head of School and main sponsor, we have white ceramic plate, which will be decorated accordingly with the theme, Atlantis.

There are so much things to be done. The collection of the sponsor things, the completion of the souvenirs, and the preparation of the goodie bags. None of them is done yet.

That's all my update. Thanks for keeping up with my blog. Thanks.
I promised i will have all the updates n the SBS Prom Night 2007.

Danke Schoen

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