Nov 23, 2007

Long time pictures~~

Issue #1

In case you do not notice, on 17 of October 2007, something strange happened.
Have a close look at the picture
what's wrong with it??

The calendar was actually being printed like that, no distortion of picture, this is how it originally looks like.
17 is being reversed...swt..and the newspaper actually reported on this issue the next day this strange phenomenon happened.

Issue #2

Remembered my previous clubbing experience??
Well..sorry for not attaching any pictures for ya...
NOw i will compensate it...

By the time we reached Ruums, 10.55pm 31/10/2007

Not even a single soul was there.

1.14am 1/11/2007

Crowds filled the whole dance early so hardworking a!!

By the time we went to Diana's house to have a short nap...All these happened!!

Mey Yee and Simon ye ye were sleeping "soundly"...really cannot stand of them...their snoozes were damn freakingly noisy till i Cannot have a nice sleep..

This was the drunker king...Cyrus...being so emotionally affected on the night itself...after he was drunk badly.

Diana and albert was sleeping while the two Noisy Snoozers dozed off...

Issue #3

Nothing special actually
the day was as usual as ever...
as i drove off on the deliberately took this simply special scenery

This was taken in Block H of Tarc...while waiting for BA tutorial to start.
The sky was blue...the patch of grass simply like those in St mary's...

After a minute, look at the sky...Shockingly found that the sky was so ominously dark...

Simply casual shots by hitomi...

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