Nov 3, 2007

First Time Ever~~

31 October 2007 Wednesday

There goes my first time for being in Ruums on the Halloween Night

Simply enjoyable and thanks to Fund Seekers!!
You all really made it a night to be remembered!!

I have never think that my first time experience would be a night to be memorable!!
All because you all are so supportive to one and another
that we ended up being the most attention-seeking team!!

I admit that we are the craziest team ever!!
haha...shout like crazy, dance like crazy yet awkward, play like crazy...
Esp Kah Ang, why you drink like crazy, that ended up being drunk huh??
i bet u dare not to drink so much right??

Thanks to Diana so much man!!
really love her!!
wakaka...for providing us the place for having an hour of sleep...
that means a lot did enjoy yourself huh??
i guess everyone did!!

Even though we had to take care of our two drunkers
we did have much time to know each other better everytime we had our time together yourself
and i will be....

cant wait for the next time!!i wan another location preferably!!

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