Oct 4, 2007

SWC 2nd Outing

3th October 2007, Wednesday

It was the 2nd outing plan especially for Student Welfare Committees.
I missed the 1st one..too bad...

This time, The plan was to sing karaoke.

At first, it was proposed to get the plan on at Greenbox, Sg.Wang but after my insistence to get it on at Redbox, Lowyat, it was then switched to RedBox..

As introduced by our two Fund Seekers - Simon and Albert

HOwever the participation of SWC Committes was not that good as expected. Guess what, there were only a "Grand Total" of 8.

Well..it included Pooi Ji, Alan, Leslie, Kah Ang, Albert, Aderine, Simon and me...

From left: Albert (aGAIN), Kah Ang, Pooi Ji, Aderine & Alan

Before departure from my home>>>

Of course must get myself dressed up...

Drove off by the time of 11am and managed to park my car at Times Square, as the parking maximum per day is 6bucks (used to be when i last went to Times). This time it rose up to 7bucks...What the?? LAst time it was 5 then 6 then now 7... HOw far it will go?? 10??

I Walked to Sg.wang, called one of them to know where were they.
Last night they said at sg.wang but they changed it to pavillion and WITHOUT INFORMING ME...
What to do...helpless~~~

It was the first time I was to walk to Pavillion, a brand new shopping mall, alone, without really know where to head to.
Thank God I asked a helpful Malay woman where is the shopping mall actually located at before i decided to take on my journey without any sense of direction.

At the bridge to Lot 10, a familiar figure appeared in front of me, and without any doubt, i shouted: Albert!!
Of course he turned back, if he is not deaf.
A relieved smile was the return and i joined him...
It is better to be accompanied rather than alone right?

We was then waited for another two friends, of which they are Kah Ang and Simon.

From the left: Simon(looking at his hp and lack posing), Kah Ang(Victory!!), and Albert(Why he did that??)

Then four of us headed to Pavillion to join Leslie, Alan, Pooi Ji and Aderine..

Lots of sweat it was, after a long way from times to sg.wang and to Lot 10 and Pavillion, especially under the afternoon sun just right on top of our heads.

Pavillion is undoubtly luxurious, as it is meant to be so, like KLCC.

It does not actually show you the actual magnificence..unless you see it yourself

Lots of expensive stores and shops around...cater for tourists and high class community.

after Touring around the shopping mall, we headed back to sg.wang to have our lunch..

right here>>>

This was the second time i was in Gasoline...previously in Kepong's Gasoline

The familiar symbol...PLus Salmon Fish (Simon's NIck)

Taken at Gasoline...both Aderine and Alan...A&A...DOnt they look like couple??

After lunch, we continued our way to Redbox...And saw these cute cartoon charactrers along our journey at sg.wang.

Posing here was Salmon Fish

Next posing by Aderine

These two make up another TWINS...haha...They sang all the TWINS songs...

How hard to find a picture with Leslie inside...because he is too shy to even pose...by the way, the one who took this really did me a great favor...wakaka!!

Aderine + Leslie + Alan (looking nowhere?)

The ktv session was awesome and exhilarating...for we had turned it out to be another good choice for clubbing...

It was like everybody started to dance like crazy along with the Clubbing hits..and Freakingly enjoying the first and never experience..

We started to rule the room from 2pm till 8.30pm, but STILL no one was there to urge us to leave or even to remind us...it gave us another 2hours ++ free ktv session...wakaka!! really love Redbox!! Redbox rulez!!
If greenbox, once the time is up, you only can say bye bye lol...That's why i insisted to go Redbox!!

the last four to leave were simon, kah ang, albert and me...
i nearly lost my voice, but thank God it is still with me the next morning...

Maybe it was time for some refreshments...
At first, we planned to have dinner but the time was very late, so we headed for Ice cream instead...

Albert + Kah Ang + Simon + Unfinished ice cream
I was the photographer, so it fully explained why I was not in the picture.
Soon after we finished our own ice cream, it was time for home...It was nevertheless a brand new and bizarre experince for me and the rest of us!!


  1. Look like you have a fun day
    I got only one question for it
    why must redbox?cannot greenbox

  2. i have said right...
    redbox allow you to sing more if there is no need for rooms for their customers
    but greenbox they do not allow such generousity...

  3. where got
    everytime I go redbox also very 準時 off de
    even I'm in VIP also

  4. too bad then...


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