Oct 24, 2007

Story time~~

we are having fund raising for the year 2007 this week
Organiser: SBS-SWC
HOwever we are basically divided into two teams and each of us have to work out to gain as much profit as we can. The team who managed to reap the most profit will be assigned important posts in the coming SBS night 2007, which is annually organised by SBS school.

Proud to be FUND SEEKERS!!
Yet, another team is named FANTASTICA.

I am second year of diploma in TAR college this year
but a junior in Student Welfare Committee or in short SWC

So basically what we found out is not many people know SWC do exist...what a pity!!
Well well...time for introduction!

SWC acts as a medium between students and the school authorities, in order to channel the problems faced by the students, including me, to the school and together, we will find the best solution to ease the students.
In short, if you face any problem regarding the college, feel free to drop by SWC room which is located at the same level with SAD (Student affair department)^^

Back to the fund raising...
Prior to the event, we had lots of meetings to discuss merely everything...
It had not been busy until the week before the fund raising, which was the second week of the Second semester
Many things had to be bought and promotions were to be carried out rigorously around the college...

We formed a group to carry out the C2C, or Course-to-Course promotion.
For the whole week before the event, we were walking around lecture halls and distributing our leaflets. not only that, all the decorations were to be finished etc etc

We even went out in a gang to shop!!
Shop what?? hmm...Those disposal cutleries...
Oh my!!that's the worst!!! luckily the plan still worked!

Why? why?
HAiyo!! all because of me...haiz!

At first they decided to go to tesco extra at Tmn Midah
HOwever after my insistence to go tesco extra selayang, i succeeded!!
together, 3 cars of FUND SEEKERS set off to shop!!

We had our dinner at Jln Ipoh, Sg.Mas
As we were dressed in all black for the C2C AT the same day, somehow people around us will think that we are gangster!! wakaka...
What was even funny was how we behave...
some dirty JOkes had started...only we understood what we were saying by the way..and some of them, especially Mey Yee and Kitty were the two who kept laughing non stop while feasting...haha...
We even threw ice to one and another...
The atmosphere was never better because everybody was enjoying it nevertheless. not offending at all!!
10 peoples overall just spent RM 35!! wakaka...how cheap la...

Well...we later set off to tesco extra selayang...
Parked our cars...and thinking where is the entrance...
Since we had no idea, we asked one of the men there, whom busily doing their construction.
Guess what??
Belum buka la!!
Haiyo!!!! Made me so paiseh la...

In the end how??
NO choice la...after disappointing them, after travelling so far, we resorted to go to tesco extra at Tmn. Midah...the traffic there will never be more jam than i had expected
We stopped at many petrol stations to catch up the others...
HOw many have we went, i really have no idea...

Thank Goodness it is open!!!
then we set out to shop. by that time it is around 9pm.
it was late, and yes i knew!!
Sorry man!!
without wasting any time, we managed to get what we want around 10pm.

Sorry, blame it on me!! For not making sure it is opened!! Sorry to all FUND SEEKERS who are along!

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