Oct 12, 2007


It has been quite a common habit of all camera cellphone users to do self-caming with it.
So do I.

Days have been quite easy for that was the first week of the 2nd sem of my 2nd year.
However the coming Fund Raising would be the third week, and so some meetings were carried out.

Besides for official meeting, we also had our informal or unofficial meeting with our own gang or own family.

Here are some exclusive photos which were taken in the first week of the semester.

Hope this is not offensive.Actually this was the technique of capturing it. In fact,neither aderine and me is lesbian..
Just for fun!
[Stressing that if you think it is offensive, please tell me...i will remove it!]

All of these were aderine and me, with differnt posings.

Follows by my own photos...


  1. hey babe....
    its me in the photo!!!
    i love u darling..
    happy to be 1 of the fanily members....

  2. Wah... you two... les here... too hot liao. Cannot tahan la. ><


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