Oct 29, 2007

Fund Raising - Part II

Since you are told, and i expect you remember, that this fund raising was organised by both Fund Seekers and Fantastica.
But there is something more that you should have known.

Fund Seekers had something very special that initially we thought of abandoned the plan, which was the Fear Factor.

Here are shots taken on the day itself while the game was going on...


Anxiously waiting of the start of the challenge...

Here we had DJ, haha...faizal, TT night Emcee Winner...teasing another two emcees, whom are Vin and Samson.

Hello girl, tasty??
haha...dumb-struck look...

The contestants were required to finish all the Food that we had prepared and the two who finished with the shortest time would eligible himself or herself to the next challenge...
Without me to tell ya...what else tasty food we had?
Well...do you want to know about the combination??
If i am not mistaken, i think we had green chillies, bittergourd, etc.
What was the next challege??

See?? here it is...Worms!~~~
We placed the worms in a container and the two winners from previous challenge were required to find the King of the worms....without looking at it...Again, the one who was the fastest won the challenge.
Without looking at it, you must have the guts to touch all the wormies...it is just so disgusting for me...Yucks!!

Forget about that!!
Comin up i had two videos...
Thanks to our Fund Seekers member, Shan Yi and his friends...
For attracting crowds to our store!!

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