Oct 12, 2007

Family Outing-Part I

Today was the first official family outing...
However it was not a successful one as aderine was pissed off...

Pity 4of us...had to endure the circumstances of pissing off our mom.

Well...the very morning...we met up at Lake of Titiwangsa. Previously we planned to have a jog around the lake but due to time constraint, we dropped the plan. Besides having some snacks for the morning, we too shot some pictures.

It was sunny.

To prove that it was taken at Lake of Titiwangsa, here is it...
Day view of the wheel...

Time Passed mercilessly slow as we soon found out that we had nothing much to do around the lake and so we came out a contingency plan, of which you all would never ever think of.

Guess what?

Here was our next destination...

Maybe you would be thinking Oh mY God, why would you guys come to such A Place?? Aren't you guys went there before??

Ya Ya...indeed, we went before. HOwever, the experience was definitely not the same again.
Perhaps last time we were so innocent and being so excited looking at different types of organisms.
This time the main purpose we went there was merely capturing pictures of the organisms and posting it here, as for me.

Really feel pitiful for Mey Yee and Kah Ang..
They kept wanted to vomit for they cant stand the smelly atmosphere in the zoo.

These two fellows were the naughty monkeys that we used to see in the zoo once we entered.

Sooner, we discovered there is a children corner and we went in and had a look.
We used to be a kid, ok? Dont look at us like a kind.

Perhaps you will be wondering what is it to do with Mickey??

These little creatures are named the Mickey...actually they look like hamster but I ma not sure whether they are the same family. The reason why they are named so because they are merely pure black and white.

This is the donkey...Hoho...cute or not?

These two are goats, fighting or playing at the moment. They kept knocking each other with the horn. (Ouch!! It hurts...)

This is another creature, which i had forgotten the name...Another cute creature!

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