Oct 24, 2007


HOw hard to upload pictures lately...
the window just can't help closing itself...delaying my effort to post this post to you all...
what has happened??
no idea...

Proudly showing off our Student Welfare Committee (SWC) name tags>>>

It is Ginger bread man!!wakak...together we form a big circle and help those needy students from their burdens!!
Feel free to drop by the SWC office above canteen two...if you have any enquiries.

Those tags are wore by us during the C2C promotions...
OUr uniform is black attire, and surely with the tags too...(Dont you think it seems unmatch??I do feel so)

These are the male presences in Fund Seeker team...From left: our Project Manager-Hong, Asst Project Manager-Alan, Kean Yip, Treasurer-Leslie, and SImon

A fresh face here...yeah right, who is she?? Ehem...she is the OO night 2007 Emcee, and she is Amanda...a pretty girl with a gifted feature

Acting cute...blek

Here we have myself, Mey Yee and Kah Ang

Aha..we have another male presence here too...he is the one stading with such a style..Michael!!
Aiyo..and another male here...who is the Mr Teh Tarik...mr albert Tea
All these were shot while waiting to interrupt the lectures...haha...we need to do it the right way too even though we meant to interrupt...
After interrupting many lectures all around the college, we can finally go back to the SWC room and had a rest...
This shot is most dramatical...
What do you think??
The scene as if Mey yee and Hong are so damn pissed off by Michael's ignorance of their presences. Mey Yee just cant wait to crunch him to pieces...wakaka!!
NIce shot anyway...whose shot??

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