Sep 5, 2007

Second Opposition-MIS

So far, i have done MAF, MIS; still working on FA.

The topic to be covered hitherto will be::::
AACS3763/AACS3764 Managing Information System.

Structure of the paper:
Section A: Question 1- Case Study
Section B: 5questions, choose 3

The toughest one will be the Question 1, as it is case study basis, and it is COMPULSORY..*faint*.

If you are attentive in the lecture, you should have know how to tempt this question.

Never ever be too general while answering! That's what Miss Wong Jee Foong will be telling us everytime...Anybody have it recorded??(kidding..)
The point is making the answers related to the case itself. Don't forget lol!!

The topic which has came out for the past years is circling around the SDLC, from system planning, system analysis, system design, system implementation, to system maintenance.

Fact finding techniques have been quite a popular choice for this section, esp questionaire and interviews.

Proceed to section B, you have choices here. (What a relief!!)

Choose those you are confident with to score!! because each question is 20marks equally. ( know this, ain't no need me to repeat again...)

One question must have been either CPM chart, Gantt Chart, or decision tree, table. This is a must score question and it is the best part i like in this paper. For the sake that this is not a theory question anymore!!!

Don't you think it looks and sounds familiar? YOu are definitely right right learned that previously and must SCORE!!

Compare to DFD, structured chart, ERD, chances it will be asked is not as high as decision tree, table, CPM or Gantt Chart. If it comes out, maybe you have no choice but to choose another question, if you does not tempt for this.

What to read and what not to read?

Basically i will say read all..that's the safest path. Whether you remember it or not, that's not under your control. Never ever stress yourself to remember every single word in the notes! matters...


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