Sep 20, 2007

Piano Fair 2007

Hihi!! Everybody...
Exam ends and here I would like to share my first experience of being in a mini concert during the exam period^^

Have you ever heard of this piano fair?
(Presumedly it is organised annually...isn't it??)

The best part of having this piano fair is it is ENTRANCE-FREE, and so i would not let myself miss the chance for free stuffs...Even that day itself i actually rushed to KLCC after my piano lessons ended at 4.30pm SHARP with a friend of mine!!

See the big big word-FREE ADMISSION?
It is the ticket...anyway, they don't check your ticket, so next time even if you have none with you, you may still go for it.wakaka!!

HOw infuriating I was as I was told to wear formal for the concert but in the end, guess what?? All the fellow in there with jeans and shorts and sports shoes...
That's not enough , some of them still sleep in the concert!!! unrespectful audiences... and made us stand for the whole hour for their lack of appreciation of music!!

Let me introduce a brand new face here...
Proudly presents...our Miss Chloe
same age with hitomi...status:not available..

The mini concert started at Sunday 16/9/2007 5.00pm but unluckily we did not manage to go there punctually due to the unexpectable walking distance from one point of KLCC to KLCC Conventional Centre...really FUYOHH!!

Mr Ng Chong Lim played Schumann's Arabesque, Op. 18 and Kinderszenen, Op. 15 and Debussy's preludes--La puerta del vino, voiles(sails), minstrels, and La Fille Aux Cheveux De Lin(The girl with the falxen hair)
We missed the Schumann's- so disappointing...

Technique-mou tak ding, Dynamic- marvellous, touch - even brilliant!! How much he needs to put in to get the performance like this?? HOho...hours and hours of practising!! and most importantly, a good teacher!!

After the concert, there was a big sales of pianos by YAMAHA. Eventually we passed by and played with brand new pianos. The silent series is not bad. i like the sound but still it is not real enough, more effort need to be put it.

The grands are even making me happier for the day!!
I love grands so much and i wish so much i can have a brand new grand for hitomi!!
We checked out the prices and the most expensive one is really unexpectedly expensive!!

Look>>> the longest and grandest


Let's look into some parts that make up a piano...

This is especially for grand pianos.

After that, of course we need to boost up our energy and we walked for the restaurants but in the end, we went for BURGER KING!!

Taken in the Fast Food Outlet...

I ordered a burger without knowing it is beef, and so i went to ask whether they can help me change it to chicken instead. Thank God they helped!! and i must say the girl is really helpful!!
For sure i will visit the outlet next time...

Lastly, the journey home...Captured this special tree!! Simply so eye-catching...

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  1. Miss hitomi
    thank for intro me.....haha
    although stated as not available.......
    you got all the pic that I want to have
    THE GRAND PIANO & the price
    I forgot to take the pic
    and you have all the detail
    even the pic also clearer than me

    car still ok............just the guy car not so ok!!!!


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