Sep 13, 2007


Hoho...mooncake festival is coming soon.

In conjunction with this festive seasonal celebration, varieties of mooncakes have been promoting vigorously, ranging from traditional types to the latest jelly types.

Here I am, promoting no-one-else mooncakes, hoho...why is it named no-one-else?
Reason is simple- it is homemade, and it is from my mom!!!
haha...have a peak!
Inside the pictures, there are three different flavours of moon+cakes
1. Coffee
2. Pandan
3. Purple Sweet Potato
All with yummy, scrumptious, healthy, low sugar red bean jelly, made of real red bean!!
There is no other like this, because it is special for me!!


  1. can call ur mom, make 1 for me or not

  2. i duno her le...she is busy working
    so only when she free only can do.
    next time i curi few piece for u la..ok??


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