Sep 19, 2007

Last Opposition-OHR

:::::::ABDM2083 Organisation & Human Resource:::::::

Sorry bud for completing this at the mere moment, now...
Personally i have not really fully prepared for this subject but still
i hold on to my promise
I will finish this final subject post nevertheless...

without further delay

Organisational Structure
  • 6 key elements of org. structure
  • Concentrate on departmentalisation, span of control>>>essays
  • Know well of the common org. design, esp. organic structure & mechanistic structure (potentially out in essays)
  • Not to forget new design options
  • Main determinants of org. structure

Organisational culture

  • the defination of org. structure, dominant culture, subcultures, strong culture
  • 7 characteristics>>>MCQ
  • Culture's function and liability
  • how cultures can be learned

Group Behaviour and Work Team

  • 5stages of group development
  • Differences between work group and work team
  • Types of groups and teams
  • Groupthink VS Groupshift and ways to minimize both

Motivation Part I

  • Defination of motivation
  • All motivational theories
  • Less concentration on reinforcement theory, and equity theory

Motivation Part II

  • MBO and differences between MBO and goal setting theory by Edwin Locke
  • Employee Involvement Program
  • Reward Schemes
  • JOb design
  • Work schedule options

Management Functions, Roles, and Skills

  • 4 Management Functions
  • Mintzberg's 10 Managerial Roles
  • Robert Katz's 3 Management Skills

Basic Approaches to Leaderships

  • Differences between Leader and Manager
  • Hersey and Blanchard's Situational Leadership Theory
  • Charismatic Leadership Theory- 5 key characteristics
  • Differences between Transactional and transformational leadership, including key characteristics


  • Grapevine
  • 6 barriers to effective communication
  • 4 barriers of cross-cultural communication & ways to overcome it


  • 3 transitions in conflict thought
  • 3 types of conflict
  • 5 types of conflict handling intentions
  • Conflict Resolution & Stimulations Techniques

Power & Politics

  • Leadership VS Power
  • 7 Bases of power
  • 9 types of power tactics
  • 3 main categories of defensive behaviours and go in details

Human Resource Planning

  • Actions associated with surplus and shortage of employees

Recruitment & Selection

  • Study everything

Training & Development & Performance Evaluation

  • 4 types of skills to be trained
  • 6 ways of training
  • 5 purposes of performance evaluation
  • Aspects of performance evaluation
  • 360 degree evaluation

Basically you know what to read even if you do not read this post, all the best

all are theories and it depends on how much you can keep yourself information loaded but not overload...

Keywords are the main key to memorize, and you will need to work out your own explanation with the key words. This is one way to keep information loaded but not overloaded..wakaka!!

Freedom to all the diploma students!!! HOoray!!

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