Sep 2, 2007

First Opposition-AELE 3063

As it's the nature of lingustic, normally it is a hard score paper if you have not equiped yourself with good basis of language and vocabulary.
However, this one appears to be a little easier to attack.

The structure of the paper:
Section A: Passage
Section B: Passive sentences & error analysis
Section C: Interpretation of Graphic data
Section D: Writing

Need not to panic when you see the wording of WRITING as it carries the marks equally to PASSAGE, which is 30marks each.

For those who dislike WRITING a lot, sorry to say that you cannot bear to lose the 30marks of which would endanger your opportunity to score.
Tactic of answering the passage is easy peepsy...

The answers are just given in the passage and need to think critically as the title stated, all you need to do is transforming the structure of the sentences, which is advisable for those who have good basic in grammar; for those who are not, you can just copy but in condition that you change at least one word of the sentence, then the examiner cannot deduct your marks for copying, wakaka!!

Bear in mind, never ever copy the whole paragraph or more than one sentence, as it would irritate the examiner and bring you no good in the end.

For the last question: give the meaning of the word phrases, give only one answer that you are very sure or confident with, because there is no point that you give more than one answer: if the first answer of yours is wrong and the second is correct, still you will get an EGG for that.(Examiner only see the first one!!)

For section B first part, all you need is the rules of changing the the sentence, which i am sure your teacher had covered that with you.

As for the second part, you need to be good in grammar. What should be there, and what should not; what's right, and what's wrong with the sentence or word, you NEED TO KNOW.

For section C, interpretation is quite similar with what we have learned in last semester for BM. What is different is that the points are not counted here. It does not mean you can write just 3or4 points of which will cost you to lose your marks in content. Write more to score the 6marks(content), let's say 6points would be adequately do you that.

Language still bears the most marks allocated. SO MINIMIZE your error and if good enough, try to utilize your language.

as for the last section, what may be coming out are:
  • letter of enquiry and reply of enquiry
  • memorandum
  • letter of complaint
  • letter of adjustment (encounter with complaints)
  • letter of credit
  • letter of order & reply letter of order
  • letter of reminder

FAQ(frequently asked questions): memorandum & letter of enquiry

be sure to equip yourself with the format of writing which would grant you 5 marks over 30marks

There is no option to be chosen for the section, so if it is memo just do it; if it is letter of enquiry, just do it!!(nike..)

But memorandum is much much more easier to score compare to letter as it only contains 12marks for language, compared to 15marks for letter. Additional points count here. The more creative idea you can think of out of the given outlines, the better you score but bear in mind, dont overwrite if your language is not good enough, for the sake of the 30marks.


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