Sep 21, 2007

Eye On MalaySia

Need not for me to explain further and this picture exactly tells what i am going to write later on.

The wheel itself is already valuable enough to get four shots.
Obviously there were taken at different timing.

Which one is the best? I like the one with darkest background.

This tourism spot will no longer be available for the one who wish to take a ride next year as it will be removed.

See the price there?? If whoever wants to go, here is it for you!!
The ticket booth...

15bucks only for 4 rounds and it was never longer than my lollipop...hoho...too exagerated but it is really fast fast fast lo...too fast too furious man...
Few shots for the surroundings...

Another shot before leaving...
The Gondola itself
The path to the wheel...


  1. hey

    is me

    I went to that before
    but everytime with unimportant know what I mean

    the main point is
    is that guy your bf????
    he look cute

  2. so clever wo..yes la..he is.
    why you so bad de...said your friends unimportant ar!!


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