Sep 30, 2007

Blue Water~~

Mirror mirror on the wall
What's the colour of the water??


why not??Sea is blue! and so?

What's the conclusion?? Water is colourless la...(As a science student, that's what i have learnt)

But Look!!!

See!!! Told ya...

See the boy boy there?? looking puzzlingly at the Blue Water....
Or does he think is this the place i can pee pee??

Well.. the truth is, do you see the light there?? It is a blue pendarflour, which visually coloured the water into Blue...hoho...i like the decorative...hmm...
It is part of the interior design of the noodle house in Genting Klang near Prima Setapak there.
I went there with two of my TT friends and tried out their Pan Mee...
Comment: The pan mee not as nice as the "Mian dui Mian" one.
Suggestion: The different styles of Pan Mee is mostly the same as other Pan Mee restaurant, so better go to Mian Dui Mian because i like the Different chillies they are serving...
Especially the dry chillie...not spicy...and fragrant enough just to mix with the dry Pan Mee...
Yummy Licky!!


  1. hey

    I'm here
    面對面really nice?
    but my friend say not so nice oo
    who should I believe ?????????

  2. erm...i think that depends on you

    normally i eat pan mee i like the thick one...

    most important is the pan mee..
    the mian dui mian one is more elastic ba

    when you chew it, it is more "kou gan"

    haha..paiseh..i dont know how to explain in english


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