Sep 14, 2007


Whoever so happen to see this, can i wish you to do me a little favor of telling what jobs are available for me during this coming holiday??

Thanks ya!!! I really wanted a good pay job...

Time: Weekdays from 21th of September to 5th of October

Need help!!!


  1. Wat job u wan wor!

    not enough for you meh!! still complain no job..

    UR MAF..wah..u sound like my Teacher..hmm..but i beliv ur guideline is very useful! ^^

    Keep up the good work ^^

  2. hoho...thank you thank you
    by the way
    haiz....ionyl avalable for weekdays job...
    not weekends...
    and all your jobs also weekends de...
    like that bully me how can?!


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