Aug 10, 2007

PC Fair-August 2007

Don’t be too shock if I told you this.

I have not been to any pc fair before, however this time I decided to have a peek. I have things to shop for, but the main point is I don’t want to be a frog in the well…in BM is Katak dalam tempurung.

Well…overall it is not bad. Many crowds as expected, many counters are allocated, each brandishing its own brand of electrical and electronic stuffs, not to forget, many show girls and promoters who would give out myriad flyers, pamphlets, talk like never before when they manage to grab one of his or her potential buyers.

At first, most likely I would be one of the thick-faced promoters there, trying to seize any customers by throwing every word that may interested them. However, complication arouses, ensues, so I would not be able to do so. (hehe…don’t you think the phrase sounds familiar?? Well… that’s Jack Sparrow’s dialogue) Wondering why?? An opportunity to work at PC fair itself for Streamyx will do me the explanation.

Alas…I bought two stuffs. One: Webcam, Second and the last: Pendrive (Kingston DT100 in black) which then I discovered far more cheaper price for having them…*Sigh*

Never mind...I am still happy because I can get what i Wan!!!

RM55+ free earphone

RM68, which later I saw RM 67 and RM66 at another stalls.

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