Aug 30, 2007

How hard it can be...

life is never easy, i know.
perhaps just the childhood moment when you used to be a toddler would somehow simple as much like a clean white sheet of paper.

as you grow older, the more you need to care of. Merely anything that may encountered by you of the people around you, the things you happen to see. Life is so called live, as it somehow sounds the same.

Could it be just my own perception that i happen to feel that my mom is getting more and more things to be worried of, as what she happened to voice out to me.

I know she needs someone there to listen, and yes there i be, a good listener. To comment or not, I am not being wiser, honestly.

The prospect of being lay-off in near future, the prospect of being jobless of my parents, the prospect of my brother, have been so troubling to her. even she didn't say it, i know.

If my parents so happen to be jobless, where does all the money comes from?
Sky? (Sarcastically yeah...when you are hopeless.)
Me? (With those chicken feed amount?)

What is most troublesome is that the very moment now, my brother is so quiet...
For some reasons, of course.

Just that he cant get what he wants for his birthday ... a PS2 costs 500++ which means a big deal to us, if we are going to face all the prospects...

Starting to save bit by bit, i shall..
we had started that early ago..and yes i was
a thrifty little secondary school girl
but now it no longer the same as i started my college life...

Hope that he would understand the reason why we are so reluctant to give him what he wishes he could have owned.
The point is, I am the one who should tell...the thing is i need time between us.
Now is never the suitable time, as he would be thinking, blaming, for what on earth we didn't grant him.


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