Aug 1, 2007

Gathering again o??

Gathering is meant for old friends, but it comes with bulk...
So what's the term for a meet up??for two??

Well...well...just say meet-up??whatever...but surely is not date.

He is a long-time-no-see friends, erm...acutally just half year. First met in my cousin's wedding...

Most of the photos are taken in a restaurant, namely Siam Square, if i am not mistaken.Of which i want to go in few times when i came to times last, i DID!!

Eeee....not scary..*yawn*
Pretending to be a gentleman...*giggle*
Nah...the real HIM...nerd!!
Terance: So hungry la!! Don't take the picture!!
What is he having?namely the pineapple fried rice...or what we always say, PO LO CHAO FAN
with tinge of spiciness..
One of the dishes: Green Curry...The menu states that it is beef or chicken. Well...since both of us pray guan yin ma ma, then we asked for chicken...guess what?? In the end, fish...*sign* But it is tasty!!

One of the mocktail, actually is Mango Punch...(So ordinary, but it is so MANGO!!you can actually feel the mango blended....)

This one is mine. at first i asked for the MANGO punch, but since he ordered, i changed!!wakaka...this one is SHIRLEY TEMPLE...non-alchoholic...^^

Before we begun our feast, we actually had a movie, but not this one. I like the 3D effect!!!and cute mouse too... That reminds me of the PINKY and the BRAIN cartoon...two "dong dong" mouses.

Simpson...I don't really like the figure...don't know why...

Yummy yummy and lickylicky... i was so thirsty and starved while waiting for HIM, whom so brilliantly left his Hand Phone at home...
The moment he said: I actually reached times square, but then i realised i left my hp and i went home and fetched it...
Hitomi said: silly, dont need to go home la...go cinema find me lo...yo!!!dong

the scary escalator in Times Square, so high that you won't see the other side!!Eeee...*wince*
The good thing is we managed to spend few hours chatting la...
the bad thing is he was so PUNCTUAL...

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