Aug 20, 2007

Dumbie Dum

Stupid leli donkey dum,
Keepy mumbly dangy poo!!

Stupid dong silly dumb baka
What else can i express the meaning: stupid??

Yesterday, 19th August had been the dumbest day ever for the entire working life.
Dumb-forsaken sunday it has been...
What on earth that makes me forgot that the day itself was holiday??

and what on earth the dumb dumb me will be so enthusiatic in preparing myself to work on the day??

However, something is a little compensating was the shopping itself.
Although I were to travel to Selayang Jaya the very morning, still I did send my aunt to go to Selayang Capitol. SO I have a heading...

Searching for sign of my aunt was never been harder..Since it was too early in the morning, not all the shops were opened.What made the searching process even brilliant was the high heels which was slipped in between my toes...Grrr...Souring...

Fine...fine..fine...I am a patient person in anyhow...Which has been increasingly developed due to my nature of the job itself, to nurture a future pianist, perhaps??

A tiring, dooming, but satisfying day nevertheless...Thank Goodness...

The story did't end here... where eventually we started to discover something that went wrong after we were safely reached our comfortable, welcoming nest of mine.

my aunt: Girl, where was the big bags of the Parkson's goodies we have bought?
Girl@me: Oh shit!!! the locker!! we totally forgot about it...

Brilliant...HOw on earth again i have been such a dumby boomy sulky nerd..
Well..what else can we do?
The last resort was to get back to the place and get our belongings, which cost mor than we spent in the supermarket itself.
Zillions, trillions thanks to the stupid guard there who kept blocking our way to the Giant Supermarket, unless we handed our Parkson stuffs at the locker department...

Glad that all have been the past...The story ends...

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