Aug 31, 2007

Conflict aroused, ensued, were overcomed

Perhaps you will find the line so familiar, if you are a movie frenzy, probably you will know. if you are pirates of caribbean's fans, you will even know.

my beloved character the most,and yes he is, namely Captain Jack Sparrow.
One of his most confusing, yet making sense sentence the Dead Man's Chest

Enough for the opening...
Let's proceed to the conflict as preceded.

Yesterday post is the conflict which is again brought forward today.

Conflict resolves when my mom actually granted his wish, which leaved my questions answered. That's the very reason why he talked, and interacted with us.

Well...there we went, setting off to the nearest shopping mall to buy ps2.

There are two versions available for ps2: one for all types of games, another only for one, which is PAL.(i have no idea what is PAL stands for)
Of course the prices are different: the first costs 630 and latter 550
Decision arrived: the first-630

What it includes?
Well...cables, 2controllers, 10games(10cds) but no memory card... much is it? Again, two version: original 8M-70bucks, non-original 8M-60
Decision arrived: we take the ori one, for he said the ori can delete virus, if there is any but the non-ori cant.

Oh ya, forgot the very important thing.
How much we can get for trading in the PS1?
First bargain: 90bucks
Second bargain: 100bucks, which was granted after checking the PS itself.
Decision: DEAL!!(no point keeping an old version whilst we have the newer one)

Let's see how much we still need to pay.
Overall expenses= 630+70=700
Deducting the trade-in>>700-100=600bucks
bargaining process took place, and we managed to get 2extra games. We didn't buy the stand and the fan, which costs us 40bucks in total.
Even we asked for the folder in exchange for the 2extra games, still he reluctant to do so.

600bucks for the first time
600bucks for the second time
600bucks for the third time

happily, as expected, he went home. but i know my mom's purse is bleeding badly...(I don't know why, but i just have the satisfaction of buying things.)

For the first time on this very holiday, we had the chance to sit side to side and started our discussion about life.

we talked about the prospect of my mom's unemployment, which he replied: yes, he knew;
we talked about our dad, for not being actively searching for job, whom instead staying home and being reluctant to work. his attitude drives both of us crazy. how on earth he allows himself to stay home idly while my mom work and support the family, sorry to say, single-handedly, and withstanding all the pressures and tensions which she has to endure from the very bitchy boss.

At least the interaction and communication somehow proves to be a functional one, and we have came to an agreement: we have to study harder to make mom's life better, and dad's next.

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