Aug 18, 2007

Appreciation of the art of photography

It has been quite a long time ago since the time i realise i have started to like the art of photography.

Capturing things that are special and momentous are like no others. What is even better is the satisfaction when you actually review your own masterpiece.

As it is your own masterpiece, others may be thinking the same way as you wish they are or they might have other comments, which may actually helps to polish your skills up.

The reason why I wish to own a new camera-oriented phone is simple: i want to shoot many many nice photos with better quality. I just so like the feeling of self-satisfaction and the blithely moment i can actually blog my own with my own captures.

Here, I would like to uncover the arts of the photography, which is potrayed through photos shot by my friend, Terance

My own comment: it is cool, especially the effect of the lenses that are used.
As he says, it is the fish eye. SOme are from him, some are from his friends.

Without further delay

Location: SOmewhere in klang.
[The texture of the cloud just so tender and lovely, and the sun simply gets into the scene at the right time]

As he is the event photographer, and from the girl's look, it is obvious that it was the wedding event.

Location: Cameron HIghland

Location: Alley of Bali-Kuta Town

Location: Pasar Pagi, Ubur, Bali

Location:Bali Kuta Beach

The art of the local artwork.

Location: Unknown. I assumed it was taken in the bali pasar pagi.

Location: Resort in Bali, name unknown.
[my previous wallpaper]

Let us embrace the art of photography...hitomi^^

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