Aug 14, 2007


After month and month of waiting, since 13th of JUNE 2007, this day has came alas...
NO matter good or bad, still I have to face it.
The familiar white envelope, written Trinity Guildhall, has arrived safely to my house mailbox, which was then unsealed by me.
Well, the first paper I took a glance:::

58, ok, over 100? P?suppose it means pass?

At the bottom of the paper:::

(Sorry, it is blur. Vaguely, you may see 50 marks is needed for scaping a PASS for diploma.)
What it means? OKOK. I passed, with such a slipping PASS. Imagine if i get 9marks lower, I would have to spend another 1k on it..

Anyway, I appreciated that I actually PASS nevertheless. For I have been performing badly throughout the performance.*sob* Just dont know why I done so badly.

For Baroque, J.S.Bach, The Well-Tempered Clavier Book II Prelude & Fugue 9 in E major
Classical Ludwig van Beethoven, Piano Sonata in G major OP14 No2
Romantic Frederiz Chopin Fantasie Inpromptu OP66 No4

My technique is bad for 16; musical sense 19over30 (perhaps higher than i thought); communication 18over 30 (communication through pieces?); 5over 10 for presentation skill...(half so less..*sob*)

Then proceed to the last one::::

Messy hand writing of the Mr Emyr Evan

:::::::::THE END::::::::::


  1. Dear chien ee

    what if i told i take the exam
    and my marks are 82..........
    will you believe it???????
    ok,forget about it

    when are you going to have meal with you??
    miss you

  2. do you sure??
    that day ma see you le...
    how i know when we can have meal with u ne,,,


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