Aug 31, 2007

Conflict aroused, ensued, were overcomed

Perhaps you will find the line so familiar, if you are a movie frenzy, probably you will know. if you are pirates of caribbean's fans, you will even know.

my beloved character the most,and yes he is, namely Captain Jack Sparrow.
One of his most confusing, yet making sense sentence the Dead Man's Chest

Enough for the opening...
Let's proceed to the conflict as preceded.

Yesterday post is the conflict which is again brought forward today.

Conflict resolves when my mom actually granted his wish, which leaved my questions answered. That's the very reason why he talked, and interacted with us.

Well...there we went, setting off to the nearest shopping mall to buy ps2.

There are two versions available for ps2: one for all types of games, another only for one, which is PAL.(i have no idea what is PAL stands for)
Of course the prices are different: the first costs 630 and latter 550
Decision arrived: the first-630

What it includes?
Well...cables, 2controllers, 10games(10cds) but no memory card... much is it? Again, two version: original 8M-70bucks, non-original 8M-60
Decision arrived: we take the ori one, for he said the ori can delete virus, if there is any but the non-ori cant.

Oh ya, forgot the very important thing.
How much we can get for trading in the PS1?
First bargain: 90bucks
Second bargain: 100bucks, which was granted after checking the PS itself.
Decision: DEAL!!(no point keeping an old version whilst we have the newer one)

Let's see how much we still need to pay.
Overall expenses= 630+70=700
Deducting the trade-in>>700-100=600bucks
bargaining process took place, and we managed to get 2extra games. We didn't buy the stand and the fan, which costs us 40bucks in total.
Even we asked for the folder in exchange for the 2extra games, still he reluctant to do so.

600bucks for the first time
600bucks for the second time
600bucks for the third time

happily, as expected, he went home. but i know my mom's purse is bleeding badly...(I don't know why, but i just have the satisfaction of buying things.)

For the first time on this very holiday, we had the chance to sit side to side and started our discussion about life.

we talked about the prospect of my mom's unemployment, which he replied: yes, he knew;
we talked about our dad, for not being actively searching for job, whom instead staying home and being reluctant to work. his attitude drives both of us crazy. how on earth he allows himself to stay home idly while my mom work and support the family, sorry to say, single-handedly, and withstanding all the pressures and tensions which she has to endure from the very bitchy boss.

At least the interaction and communication somehow proves to be a functional one, and we have came to an agreement: we have to study harder to make mom's life better, and dad's next.

Aug 30, 2007

How hard it can be...

life is never easy, i know.
perhaps just the childhood moment when you used to be a toddler would somehow simple as much like a clean white sheet of paper.

as you grow older, the more you need to care of. Merely anything that may encountered by you of the people around you, the things you happen to see. Life is so called live, as it somehow sounds the same.

Could it be just my own perception that i happen to feel that my mom is getting more and more things to be worried of, as what she happened to voice out to me.

I know she needs someone there to listen, and yes there i be, a good listener. To comment or not, I am not being wiser, honestly.

The prospect of being lay-off in near future, the prospect of being jobless of my parents, the prospect of my brother, have been so troubling to her. even she didn't say it, i know.

If my parents so happen to be jobless, where does all the money comes from?
Sky? (Sarcastically yeah...when you are hopeless.)
Me? (With those chicken feed amount?)

What is most troublesome is that the very moment now, my brother is so quiet...
For some reasons, of course.

Just that he cant get what he wants for his birthday ... a PS2 costs 500++ which means a big deal to us, if we are going to face all the prospects...

Starting to save bit by bit, i shall..
we had started that early ago..and yes i was
a thrifty little secondary school girl
but now it no longer the same as i started my college life...

Hope that he would understand the reason why we are so reluctant to give him what he wishes he could have owned.
The point is, I am the one who should tell...the thing is i need time between us.
Now is never the suitable time, as he would be thinking, blaming, for what on earth we didn't grant him.


Aug 25, 2007


The very friday which it was, I was on an appointment with my leng lui piano teacher...

Could say partly for acquaintance purpose, partly for business purpose...
WHat business?? Shh...secret...

Surprisingly found that she has no longer driving her blue auto wira, instead is this>>>>>

Deadly gorgeous i would rate. So ying zai...but in this case, just pretty fit for a girl like her.
NOt huge, just fit her.

What brand? Mitsubishi!! I would say it is a tough brand to me...
What is even better is hers is so damn special which i have never ever see it on the road previously. Name: Golt with 1.6cc
Brand new car; monthly installment: 1000+
What i like best is the interior design...So luxurious, so cool, so damn good the feeling the moment i actually have the honour to be seated in the brand new car!!(shit!! why i didn't take picture)

The pictures are not so obvious but it kills me the moment i looked at it...
Of course it comes with great prices, or values--RM90,000+++
What's my dream car then?? SO far, HONDO CIVIC-the latest design...I want it in black!!
End of car...
Next, something looks disgusting but you will have not seen it in your life time.
Trust me...You will be wondering...What is it??

Hamdan?? is a fruit...not local...
WHat the heck?? is the AVOCADO...ever see that? only on the face cleanser tube? but it is not black...haha...don't know..this is still fresh...

Appreciation Continues...

The appreciation of art of photography goes on and on....

Here are latest captures by Hitomi...

First three pictures were taken on the batu caves highway...(wonder when i took it??shhh..don't tell mama...I was on the steering..)

The cloud forms lines...such uniformity, hard to find.
Follows by some shots around my house...
The small garden, not actually a garden, just that it happens to be flowers and plant.

The very metal gate to somewhere...( is the way to LOO..)

The window of the master room..where i barely left itwhile chewing on the toughest to easiest subjects ever...

The end...

Aug 20, 2007

Dumbie Dum

Stupid leli donkey dum,
Keepy mumbly dangy poo!!

Stupid dong silly dumb baka
What else can i express the meaning: stupid??

Yesterday, 19th August had been the dumbest day ever for the entire working life.
Dumb-forsaken sunday it has been...
What on earth that makes me forgot that the day itself was holiday??

and what on earth the dumb dumb me will be so enthusiatic in preparing myself to work on the day??

However, something is a little compensating was the shopping itself.
Although I were to travel to Selayang Jaya the very morning, still I did send my aunt to go to Selayang Capitol. SO I have a heading...

Searching for sign of my aunt was never been harder..Since it was too early in the morning, not all the shops were opened.What made the searching process even brilliant was the high heels which was slipped in between my toes...Grrr...Souring...

Fine...fine..fine...I am a patient person in anyhow...Which has been increasingly developed due to my nature of the job itself, to nurture a future pianist, perhaps??

A tiring, dooming, but satisfying day nevertheless...Thank Goodness...

The story did't end here... where eventually we started to discover something that went wrong after we were safely reached our comfortable, welcoming nest of mine.

my aunt: Girl, where was the big bags of the Parkson's goodies we have bought?
Girl@me: Oh shit!!! the locker!! we totally forgot about it...

Brilliant...HOw on earth again i have been such a dumby boomy sulky nerd..
Well..what else can we do?
The last resort was to get back to the place and get our belongings, which cost mor than we spent in the supermarket itself.
Zillions, trillions thanks to the stupid guard there who kept blocking our way to the Giant Supermarket, unless we handed our Parkson stuffs at the locker department...

Glad that all have been the past...The story ends...

Aug 18, 2007

Appreciation of the art of photography

It has been quite a long time ago since the time i realise i have started to like the art of photography.

Capturing things that are special and momentous are like no others. What is even better is the satisfaction when you actually review your own masterpiece.

As it is your own masterpiece, others may be thinking the same way as you wish they are or they might have other comments, which may actually helps to polish your skills up.

The reason why I wish to own a new camera-oriented phone is simple: i want to shoot many many nice photos with better quality. I just so like the feeling of self-satisfaction and the blithely moment i can actually blog my own with my own captures.

Here, I would like to uncover the arts of the photography, which is potrayed through photos shot by my friend, Terance

My own comment: it is cool, especially the effect of the lenses that are used.
As he says, it is the fish eye. SOme are from him, some are from his friends.

Without further delay

Location: SOmewhere in klang.
[The texture of the cloud just so tender and lovely, and the sun simply gets into the scene at the right time]

As he is the event photographer, and from the girl's look, it is obvious that it was the wedding event.

Location: Cameron HIghland

Location: Alley of Bali-Kuta Town

Location: Pasar Pagi, Ubur, Bali

Location:Bali Kuta Beach

The art of the local artwork.

Location: Unknown. I assumed it was taken in the bali pasar pagi.

Location: Resort in Bali, name unknown.
[my previous wallpaper]

Let us embrace the art of photography...hitomi^^

Aug 14, 2007


After month and month of waiting, since 13th of JUNE 2007, this day has came alas...
NO matter good or bad, still I have to face it.
The familiar white envelope, written Trinity Guildhall, has arrived safely to my house mailbox, which was then unsealed by me.
Well, the first paper I took a glance:::

58, ok, over 100? P?suppose it means pass?

At the bottom of the paper:::

(Sorry, it is blur. Vaguely, you may see 50 marks is needed for scaping a PASS for diploma.)
What it means? OKOK. I passed, with such a slipping PASS. Imagine if i get 9marks lower, I would have to spend another 1k on it..

Anyway, I appreciated that I actually PASS nevertheless. For I have been performing badly throughout the performance.*sob* Just dont know why I done so badly.

For Baroque, J.S.Bach, The Well-Tempered Clavier Book II Prelude & Fugue 9 in E major
Classical Ludwig van Beethoven, Piano Sonata in G major OP14 No2
Romantic Frederiz Chopin Fantasie Inpromptu OP66 No4

My technique is bad for 16; musical sense 19over30 (perhaps higher than i thought); communication 18over 30 (communication through pieces?); 5over 10 for presentation skill...(half so less..*sob*)

Then proceed to the last one::::

Messy hand writing of the Mr Emyr Evan

:::::::::THE END::::::::::


WARNING is damn freaking hilarious the moment I got this leaflet which is slipped between my car's wiper and windscreen.

My first thought: What the??? MONEY LEANDER???

The Second Thought: ISH....the worst is right after that...please read on...[BM part]

Conclusion:: Since the comPany cares none of its grammar, so supposedly it wont be a good, reliable, trustworthy company... SO DONT BORROW FROM THEM!!!


Aug 10, 2007

PC Fair-August 2007

Don’t be too shock if I told you this.

I have not been to any pc fair before, however this time I decided to have a peek. I have things to shop for, but the main point is I don’t want to be a frog in the well…in BM is Katak dalam tempurung.

Well…overall it is not bad. Many crowds as expected, many counters are allocated, each brandishing its own brand of electrical and electronic stuffs, not to forget, many show girls and promoters who would give out myriad flyers, pamphlets, talk like never before when they manage to grab one of his or her potential buyers.

At first, most likely I would be one of the thick-faced promoters there, trying to seize any customers by throwing every word that may interested them. However, complication arouses, ensues, so I would not be able to do so. (hehe…don’t you think the phrase sounds familiar?? Well… that’s Jack Sparrow’s dialogue) Wondering why?? An opportunity to work at PC fair itself for Streamyx will do me the explanation.

Alas…I bought two stuffs. One: Webcam, Second and the last: Pendrive (Kingston DT100 in black) which then I discovered far more cheaper price for having them…*Sigh*

Never mind...I am still happy because I can get what i Wan!!!

RM55+ free earphone

RM68, which later I saw RM 67 and RM66 at another stalls.

Aug 9, 2007

Another Discovery in TARC

Since TAR College is offering affordable education, so my assumption would be:

Not many rich men can be found in this school, comparing with TAYLOR, SEGI DAMANSARA, SUNWAY etc…

So not many modish and classy cars can be spotted too.

Previously I have been uncovering the Antique Car, and now I have another one for you…

Proudly presents, the *drum rolls* Mini…Cor…netto!!! Haha…kidding…
It is the kawaii kawaii Mini Cooper…(I like it so much)
as if the Saga disappear when you keep your eye on the cooper...COntradictory...

Damn cool!!

Aug 6, 2007

Hitomi, Yes!!hitomi, NO??

Cool!! Nightmare detective!per haps going to be shown in cinemas? picture is captured at Times Square...

Hitomi is in!!!Cool...not me...

Aug 1, 2007

BAd day!!!

How on earth will I be at school on the very yesterday??

so stupid...if only I stay home...

yesterday was a past, today is an anguish, tomorrow is worst???

HOw on earth will that stupid tembok will MOLEST my car....
HOW om earth will I so luckily SPRAINED My LEG????

Just so shame in front of the coursemates...I ain't not wearing high heels!!!
don't you ever ask me that stupid question...
what I wore is my ADIDAS SPORT SHOE...
what the heck is it going on??

Gathering again o??

Gathering is meant for old friends, but it comes with bulk...
So what's the term for a meet up??for two??

Well...well...just say meet-up??whatever...but surely is not date.

He is a long-time-no-see friends, erm...acutally just half year. First met in my cousin's wedding...

Most of the photos are taken in a restaurant, namely Siam Square, if i am not mistaken.Of which i want to go in few times when i came to times last, i DID!!

Eeee....not scary..*yawn*
Pretending to be a gentleman...*giggle*
Nah...the real HIM...nerd!!
Terance: So hungry la!! Don't take the picture!!
What is he having?namely the pineapple fried rice...or what we always say, PO LO CHAO FAN
with tinge of spiciness..
One of the dishes: Green Curry...The menu states that it is beef or chicken. Well...since both of us pray guan yin ma ma, then we asked for chicken...guess what?? In the end, fish...*sign* But it is tasty!!

One of the mocktail, actually is Mango Punch...(So ordinary, but it is so MANGO!!you can actually feel the mango blended....)

This one is mine. at first i asked for the MANGO punch, but since he ordered, i changed!!wakaka...this one is SHIRLEY TEMPLE...non-alchoholic...^^

Before we begun our feast, we actually had a movie, but not this one. I like the 3D effect!!!and cute mouse too... That reminds me of the PINKY and the BRAIN cartoon...two "dong dong" mouses.

Simpson...I don't really like the figure...don't know why...

Yummy yummy and lickylicky... i was so thirsty and starved while waiting for HIM, whom so brilliantly left his Hand Phone at home...
The moment he said: I actually reached times square, but then i realised i left my hp and i went home and fetched it...
Hitomi said: silly, dont need to go home la...go cinema find me lo...yo!!!dong

the scary escalator in Times Square, so high that you won't see the other side!!Eeee...*wince*
The good thing is we managed to spend few hours chatting la...
the bad thing is he was so PUNCTUAL...

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