Jul 10, 2007

Wedding Dinner at 070707

James Bond~~~ getting married??
NonoNO…it was my relative’s daughter getting married…which was held in Corus Hotel…

The parking is damn small, and so my daddy decided to illegally park at a spot where no lines for parking were drawn…Wakaka!! (Fortuitously the car was not being locked or whatsoever they may do to punish my daddy?)After getting the car parked, we still need to saunter for few staircases before we reached the Lobby.

There is a Japanese-oriented restaurant, named after KOMURA.

A lift was took to the Crystal Ballroom 1…honestly it does not even can claim itself as ballroom, with those big pillars blocking my view to see the bride and bridegroom.

Before the entrance, I skimmed through the surrounding, and pleasure enough to take a few photos.
This is how lobby looks like from the upper floor.
Cool!!!Grande Piano…Always be in my trance to have one..

Sooner, we went in and marked our attendance…(Sounds more like a school?)The entrance was ornamented supposedly to be marriage-style.

The chandelier, a symbol of Grande?

Gosh enough, we were seated in front of a big big pillar or whatever-it-is-called. Nicey Pipsy, being blocked??
Forget about it, less of my concern.Let’s look at the menu…
as usual, we had sharkfins, dessert…but no PORK, NO PORK!!
Follow by a few pictures of mine, thinking of how to get rid of my boredom?

The only difference this time, I had more alcoholic drinks…
Statistics shown that I drank 5glasses of red wine, not to mention that my mommy banged a glass and spilled the rest of the red wine on my dress…
Fortunately I wore black, it wont concern of my appearance then…the red wine is damn sweet, with a little tinge of bitter.

Covetously, I was much attracted with the taste of BRANDY, and therefore, I ordered one glass. I didn’t drink all of it, just 2 sips, then you would be wondering where are the rest??
Good question, well...my brother was even more hunger than me, he tried 4 sips. It ended up both of us getting a big dizzy, I were still sober, just don’t feel like moving much, or talking much. Then my dad forbidden us to drink anymore.
…now I knew how powerful is it… A good lesson to both of us, nevertheless. Try it, you wil like it, hoho!!
On the way home, we trudged the same track. This time, I spotted another restaurant, obviously it was closed at those late hours.
ain't no need for me to tell you, This is more Chinese style. Somewhat like the toys we used to play in olden times?

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