Jul 23, 2007

Uncovering OO-Part II

This year is my 2nd year, AnD opportunely i managed to get 3tickets for OO 2007. Together, my friends and I headed for it. OO is much like TT, of which the aim is to search and allocate any talent, but OO search none of talent, just appearance, to be frank.*Ehem...Cough*

Personally i like F5 pretty lot but in the end, she ddi not win, just get herself a first runner up...HAIZ... She is simply so eye capturing on the stage compared to the POSTER itself.
Never mind..i got a Shot with her...(Self-compensating)

It was a tiring day...yet a enjoyable one...even better than TT night itself!! I was glad to be there on the night...for fear I would have miss so many nice things...

Have a look on the stage...One word: amazing!!so watery MAN!! with palace and sea water!!

Lighting not bad either. why so unfair!! TT we don't even have such cool lighting effect!! Internal budgeting??

Finalist Sketch~
As usual, shooting all around the stage, under the stage...
Meng Hao+Hitomi(bad shot~)
Shi Xin(Leng lui o)+Hitomi Samantha+Hitomi (Cool Effect!!)
After the end of Shotting and OO, we headed to BRJ and I had these...

It was so scary man...almost the TT committees and helpers went to BRJ in the dresses and formal wears...Gangsta~~
HOnestly...we did plan to go clubbing...proposed: a bar or club in Damansara. Switched to Maison, KL...By the time we reached there, it was 1am in the morning and Maison was charging damn expensive and the time only 1hour++ by the time we finished discussing...
In the end, FAILURE...never mind!!i will have next time!!

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