Jul 3, 2007

TT Night Eve

Hohohoho…Merry Xmas…. HOHohoho…
Ehhh…Just kidding~~~

The day before TT, we were requested to be at school early in the morning by 9. Dealing with what business??
Well…I have expected to have some rehearsals for us PR helpers, but in the end, what we did was arranged the chairs and sooner, we were allowed to go home. WT??

Actually I weren’t at the College Hall after I have done my “splendid” job. Instead, I went out to shop for the bandana and scarf that we were obliged to get our own, with my MAMA and my DEARIE…

Hoho…we went Sungai Wang. After lots of fretting and sweating, alas we only managed to get 2 bandanas at Sinma and a long scarf at Taj.
The bandana goes to me and my MAMA, while the scarf, we brilliantly come out with an idea: we cut it into 6 and everybody will get a little of it, just enough to feed 6 fervent helpers of getting themselves a scarf at the last moment.


My tummy churned of hunger; hence, we went to the “Da Ren Chan Ting” and had ourselves a feast. I have got my Fried Sauce Noodle, as what Korean movies always have, which looks like this…

Then we headed back to College…but in the middle of the journey, we got the message which informed us that we may go home….WTWTWTWTWT…..
What a waste of time!!!! And I purposely have forgone my piano lesson just for this foolish, ridiculous, outlandish so-called rehearsal?? Damn!!!!

The most awful is MAMA got her gastric, and ended up went home with great anguish.

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