Jul 22, 2007


Somehow I don't remember how many years I haven't been really exercising...not until 13th of July, of which my classmates were planning to play badminton during our break time.
Why not?? Then, there i be at the Sport COmplex of my college, along with my sporty skirt, and a t-shirt, last but not least, my racquet...( earnestly, I have not played badminton during my secondary life, that's all i can estimate. )

Early morning 8am, I have MAF tutorial till 10pm. Woke up at 6am, Drove from house at 7+am, reached destination at 7.30+am. Parked my car in front of the library car park, the emptiest I have actually seen, perhaps not, I have seen it at the TT night itself where the morning crawled in after 12am, still hanging around at college hall.
Choose wherever you like!!
Passed by the SBS...

See? T-shirt with Sport Skirt... Outside library, after being rejected by the library Guard, whom is a woman (Ish...lebih-lebih..don't even let me in for my discussion for OHR assignment...)

outside library at the moment...FULL!!that's it...nothing else...

After an hour of discussion (Study Room, not library), I headed for Sport Complex..Kinda blur where to go..In the end, I walked for few minutes for taking the wrong route...because i am not sure where the courts would be..
Court 3..in Sport COmplex

Swimming Pool...outside sport complex..Looks damn Cooling!! wanna jump in after 30minutes of playing...

Discover this when resting... The wall.. What's the function for such design??

I was totally SOAKED, as if I just jumped into the pool.. except it is SWEAT, which made me so STICKO..went to the LOO for some REFRESHMENT...

Still I have to change into formal dress, because the meeting for SWC..HAIZ>>


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