Jul 3, 2007

Last BUT not LeaSt~~

The very last wish I have got from a friend, Ray:

Happy birthday 2 u, happy birthday 2 u, happy birthday 2 Shanny… happy birthday 2 u…I might not be d1st but.d las is good 2 huh. Wish u lucks n well…9s

Received: 11.44pm 27/6/07

Not forgetting, a present from an old friend of mine, Daniel…

(Received 2 days earlier…thanks a lot MAN!! Really a bewildering present I have received, and the only one I have got. Sad~~)

Thanks to my family too… for giving me a cake this year…
FYI: I have not been celebrating my birthday with cake for more than 3years, perhaps?
This year I have myself an ice cream cake!! Scrumptious temptation huh?I have chocolate chips and coffee icey icey…

(what to do? Nobody else celebrate with me, I must done that myself, right?)

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