Jul 22, 2007

Gathering, Again??

hoho...This time who else is going overseas??

Sure got some, then what purpose it serves to have a gathering??
Aiyo...what else??
To gather gather lo... Chat Chat... Meet Meet...See how everybody's going on??
Anybody gets prettier? anybody pregnant? (Kidding...so far my classmates i heard none.Thank God)

This time is Yie Lyn, going to UK. She told me which University but i never hear of, but i recalled she said at Texas.. if i am not mistaken...

Venue: Oldtown resstaurant, Selayang Jaya
Time: After 5pm to 7pm?

Want to know who is the one to Texas soon? the girl in blue shirt. Smart Girl,a ex st-mary's prefect, a good debator, good english(envious...why am i so bad in it?), rich?, she is.
A picture with Eilyn, currently studying A level in a college at somewhere in Malaysia.

The single picture is Shee Ling, a maniac, as she used to be in class, always like to attack our privates. but now she is not, girlie a bit, because she has boy boy now...Haha..another one she took with another senior of St mary, but working in Oldtown to earn Pocket money...Hehe!!(me too...but not there.)

XinRu & Hitomi...Shee ling's classmate, just beside her...So she was the one who always being attacked?? Shhhh...She will be a doctor, in future, perhaps. Planning to go Russia to study Medic.

PO PO CHia...is her nick..a Prefect too. Just back from Australia, Sdyney, as far as i remembered. For holidays...Rich la...go there study foundation le...unlike some study foundation here..

The two girls...yup!girls. Shuk Ling(left), Beh Beh(right).Unexpectedly, Shuk ling smokes...HAIZZZZ..... Beh beh same college with me, TARC KL, Marketing Student.
The End~~

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