Jul 13, 2007


Feel bored to death? Hoho…how about something to look at and giggle when no one is around? (Share it if you wish to do so…kindly copy this: http://hitomi5.blogspot.com/ )

Here you go… I got this from an email from my friend. The sources are unknown for a few pictures. Do mark my word, it is not mine ok?
Theme: Mother & Children

This is the Mother-child version of TiTanic.

This one: Don’t you ever try to be not filial. Your mother is the one who delivers you to this world, so Love her!! And not like this ok?

Sorry to say, duck has no clever brain like us, so how is she going to know her children go? Pityful…

Theme: Comical

Ooo…nice sou'wester. Which hair stylist it goes to?

Ei…mermaid. What do it do in the water? Have a closer look then>>> Oh my, how comical smile on its face!

Foxxy@! Nice jump!! But stop stop stop, where are you going?? Oh shit…DONG*

Who say I can’t fly?? Let me prove it!!

OH Licky licky…. Yummy yummy, I want that biscuit. Come over here wei!!

My parents don’t want me, my girl friend dumped me, my friends abandoned me, my boss fired me, what on earth is worth for me to live on??

Wow…wow… Au Au… Grr Grr… This is our territory, don’t you ever come near here…or else I will bite you!! DONG** (Painful la…)

HiTomi: Sorry ya if you find that the onomatopoeia is not that good^^

Oh Gosh!! What is that?? (Have a scrutinizing look…) Don’t you tell me it is a DOG??
Oh well. So moppy then. (Dog: Respect me !!)

This is another black Africa beauty moppy!!

Tai Gong You Ge, Bao Qing Tian. Tie Mian Wu Si, Bian Zhong Jian..Bao Qing Tian!!

Keap* Keap* See my weapon? Don’t you ever cross my territory!!

Oooo*Oooo* Can someone help me out of this?? Oooo*Oooo*

Boring~~ Ei, a mosquito!! I will catch you! Yes yes!! I have got you!! (Open hand) Gosh, it escapes!!

I don’t want to bath la!!

Tired of walking man!! Let me rest rest first. Oh there, a cushion… Spongy yeh!! Pity the cat below…

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